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Ukrainian woman sentenced to five years in prison for collaborating in Russian referendums in Kherson

The authorities reveal that the woman “voluntarily” joined the local administration imposed by the Russians, appealing to the population to vote “in favor of the aggressor State”.

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A Ukrainian court sentenced a woman to five years in prison for helping to organize Russia’s annexation referendums in Beryslav, Kherson region. The court also determined that for ten years she will be disqualified from holding public office or getting involved in activities related to the electoral process.

The woman, a resident of Novooleksandrivka, was detained by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in October last year, after the departure of Russian troops from Beryslav. According to investigators, she supported the invaders at the beginning of the full-scale invasion and during the occupation of the city. “voluntarily” joined the local administration imposed by the Russian authorities.

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When the Russian administration began preparing the annexation referendums, the woman will have acted as an “accomplice.” “The clerk compiled voting records for the district, calling on the population to go to the polling stations and vote ‘yes’ in favor of the aggressor state“, can be read in a statement from the SBU. Ukrainian authorities also say the woman went to private homes to demand that residents vote for Russia.

In September last year, Russia held referendums in four Ukrainian regions – Kherson, Zaporizhia, Lugansk and Donetsk – and in the same month announced the annexation of the territories. The voting process was marred by reports of irregularities.with unsealed ballot boxes, no voter rolls, and no control over how many times residents voted.

The international community did not recognize the results of the referendums held under the Russian occupation and opposed the annexation of the four regions. In this regard, the United Nations General Assembly voted and approved, with an overwhelming majority of 143 votes, a resolution condemning the annexations, reinforcing Moscow’s isolation on the international stage.

Source: Observadora

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