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Peskov: The threat of assassination of the founder of the “Wagner Group” of Ukraine is real “after Sisi’s speech about the disaster in America”. An expert reveals a scheme between Egypt and Russia that makes the dollar military operation “worthless” / 24.01.2023 / Egypt floods Egypt, its most famous hotel, with Arabs and foreigners?.. Remember of Israel the details of the loss of the submarine “Ashi Dikar” Watching Israel prepare a new weapon Pompeo, Washington’s Mossad revealed to Iran the details of his help to his agents after stealing the nuclear archive. If Macron had read this, he would have changed his mind.. “The Wizard of the Kremlin” ” Raising concern in Western circles about the future of Ukraine, a Saudi company is preparing to open a massive factory in Egypt. The Wall Street Journal : Washington announced this week the delivery of “Abrams” tanks to Ukraine And the secrets were condemned From the Russian expert: Russia destroyed 23 enemy armies on 4 fronts in one year The leader of the anti-Islamic organization “PEGIDA” is tearing up the Quran in front of the Dutch police in less than 24 hours (video). Resignations under Zelenskiy Medvedev: their hopes failed Over ammunition and weapons, an expert spoke to RT about the reasons for the Egyptian army to produce weapons “Thunder” and “Golden Punishment” Details of Saudi victory bid to Modric “Der Spiegel”: Germany decides to give Ukraine Leopard “Conflict intensifies” 2 battle tanks. Ukrainian forces have moved their current reinforcements to Zaporozhye, Egypt. it produces meat. A huge fraud by selling gold that does not meet specifications 7 “hidden” features in “WhatsApp” Putin uses the app better: Russia is doing more than America is making missiles like “Patriot ” and the Russian air defense is the best in the world Foods that turn into poisons after the freezing of Egypt Saudi newspaper: Al-Nasr club gets the signature of Modric After a break of about 3 years. army What is the relationship between the “four wheel drive” car”?.. A new resignation under Zelenskiy, Justice and Development Party Al-Turki: We will not allow countries affiliated with terrorist organizations to join NATO Dutch Foreign Minister, an extremist who tore up the Holy Quran Russia’s warning of a nuclear disaster in Ukraine because of the mysteries of America Mossad and the legend of “On the Table”! Pompeo explained how Trump described Kim as “Little Rocket Man” to Kim. Medvedev, warned of the imminent danger of the third world war. Our participation in NATO outside Sweden Rogov: Russian forces were able to assess and reveal the world. Locations of the first defenses of the Ukrainian forces in Zaporozhye Media: seizure of classified documents in the house of former US Vice President Mike Pence Kur’ After the burning of the Holy Quran, Sarku’l Avsat, a new official move in Egypt against the Netherlands and Sweden (photo + video) Mubarak’s secretary revealed the attitude of the late president to the Egyptian army, feeling that the end of his power is near 3 times more than he lost in Vietnam Saudi Arabia. : We’ll teach the enemies lessons they’ll never forget Microsoft abandoned a copy of Windows used by millions? US State Department: The burning of the Koran in Stockholm is a provocation that threatens the expansion of “NATO” Sisi sends a message to Washington through US intelligence The State Duma proposes a bill that simplifies the citizenship procedures of Russia for a category of foreigners. body odor of a person with diabetes? Commander of the Chechen forces “Ahmed”: the weapons that reach Ukraine will not change anything and will be destroyed regardless of their type. To wake up energetic and energetic in the morning, flocks of crows crow in Kyiv (video) The removal of the House of Secrets and the storehouse of information. What did the founder of Egyptian intelligence advise about Abdul Nasser? A shocking video clip explains why you shouldn’t rub your eyes: Al-Sisi indirectly talks about a disaster in America, Bonaparte, Kleber and a man wearing a rag! It survived a failed coup attempt and the abduction of the Russian Duma, the Minister of Health, who explained the preliminary data and the reasons for the downing of the Ukrainian helicopter near Kyiv, Germany. The West has warned of the consequences of giving Ukraine tanks. Arms bill to Zelensky instead of tanks. Messi dealt a bitter blow to Paris Saint-Germain, “a medical breakthrough.” It could make heart surgeries safer! The US Permanent Representative to the United Nations boycotted the BBC presenter. An ex-team focused on Salah. Liverpool could sell him and get an Italian star as his replacement. What is Doomsday Clock?..everything you need to know before we update it tomorrow! When will America collapse and the war in Ukraine end and what is the secret of the year 2055? Mathematical predictions from the “Nostradamus of the 21st century” the Saudi king issued a royal warrant against 51 judges at the Complaints Board. Hebrew: “a coup” in Israel! Mbappe high-fived and led Saint-Germain to a French Cup final bid. A Moroccan fan surprises Ancelotti with a strange request during Real Madrid vs Bilbao (video) Medvedev urges Biden and Schultz to stop wisdom and nuclear Who sent the clock?.. The world receives the signal of radio from a galaxy about 9 billion light years away, the moment the Turkish march targets a car in the countryside of Haseke (video) Hungarian Defense Minister: Our air force and air defense Sisi scolds the media : “That’s right” Rogov: Russian army offensive in Zaporozhye prevented Ukrainian forces from bombing the province Russian army advancing on the front line in the Donetsk Republic, the British government sold the company of a Russian businessman for a pound Lavrov arrives in the Kingdom of Esvatini on a historic visit (photos + video) “Asia Times”: Zelenskiy sends signals of p anxiety in the West! Turkey: We will sue for insulting Islam in 120 courts of the country. Cooking with gas is “worse than living in a polluted city”! Russian and Syrian forces opened the “Al-Jarrah” airport in northern Syria after its restoration. Al-Sisi announced that for the first time in 8 years, an Egyptian plane landed in the Sinai region with the prime minister. About 49 valuable secret amulets Comments on Lavrov Macron’s claims that Russia is behind the withdrawal of French forces from Burkina Faso Media: The hope of the resignation of the Prime Minister of Ukraine on the backdrop of corruption scandals From the new part of Ukraine: “We have no money”?!

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Kiev forces may attempt to kill Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the “Wagner” group, and pointed out that Kyiv forces threaten the security of Russian citizens.

It came in response to the Kremlin’s questioning whether Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and American intelligence were aware of plans to kill Prigozhin.

Peskov added that the Kremlin does not have such information because the killings belong to the Ukrainian security services, adding that Ukraine is involved in many brutal killings, including the killing of Russian journalist Daria Dugina, and these attempts have become a threat. For the safety of Russian citizens.

Russian journalist Daria Dugina was killed in an explosion on the Mogaisk highway in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow Governorate on August 20, 2022.

The Russian Federal Security Service announced that the Ukrainian security services were behind the murder of Dughina and that the killer was Ukrainian citizen Natalia Vovk.

Rusty: Sputnik

Source: Arabic RT

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