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Spain: one dead and four injured in an attack against churches in Algeciras. The attacker was arrested and the prosecutor admits that it was a terrorist act

The Spanish National Police has already managed to arrest the attacker. The Spanish National Court Prosecutor’s Office has already assumed the case as an alleged terrorist attack.

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One person died and at least four were injured in an attack on several churches in the municipality of Algeciras, in Spain, the newspaper El País reported.

Sources close to the Ministry of the Interior revealed to the Spanish newspaper that an individual carried out an attack with a knife in that region. The Spanish National Police have already arrested the attacker.

The authorities have already launched an investigation, but for now it is not possible to determine the nature of the attack. However, sources from the Public Ministry told El País that the Prosecutor of the National Court assumed the case as a possible terrorist act.

The mayor of Andalusia, Manuel Moreno has already reacted to the news. “[É uma situação] Terrible, devastating,” he said, adding that the fatality is a priest.

Source: Observadora

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