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The Iranian ambassador did not shake hands with Queen Letizia in the meeting with the diplomatic corps

Iranian law prohibits men from holding hands with women in public. The Iranian ambassador in Spain avoided physical contact with the queen, replacing her greeting with a hand on her chest.

The King and Queen of Spain have received the Diplomatic Corps at the Royal Palace, this Wednesday morning, and it has not only been the Look of Letizia that gave a lot to talk about. When the Iranian ambassador addressed the monarchs to greet them, he greeted the King but avoided touching the Queen, and this gesture went viral on Spanish social networks.

The ceremony placed the kings side by side while the invited ambassadors approached one by one and shook hands first with the King and then with the Queen. Since the triumph of the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, men have not been allowed to shake hands with women in public, explains El País. Therefore, as can be seen in the video that the newspaper posted on Twitter, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Spain, Hassan Ghashghavi, shook hands with Felipe VI, but there was no physical contact with Letizia. Instead, the diplomat placed her hand on the left side of her chest and glanced at the queen, running forward.

The reception of the Diplomatic Corps is an act that takes place at the beginning of each year and, on Wednesday morning, representatives of 126 resident embassies in Spain and almost 800 consulates were present at the Royal Palace. After two years in which the pandemic forced restrictions, the ceremony returned to normal with the throne room as its backdrop.

Ukraine was the subject of this meeting and the King asked the diplomats to join the support that Spain has given to the country at war. The new ambassadors of Russia and Venezuela were not present because the respective credentials have not yet been presented to the King and this is a necessary requirement for them to be able to officially exercise their functions.

Source: Observadora

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