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Russian TV portrays Ukraine under the control of “CIA and MI6” and Zelensky as a cocaine addict

The director of the Eurasian Research Center of the State Institute of International Relations drew a parallel between the delivery of tanks and the capture of Berlin by the Soviets.

Ukraine is portrayed, on Russian state television, as being controlled by the ‘CIA and MI6’, the US and UK ‘secret’ respectively, and with a cocaine-addicted president, while there is speculation about the delivery of Western tanks culminating in with Russian troops. “in the Reichstag”, German parliament.

At the same time that several Western countries promised to send tanks to the Ukrainian armed forces, in the televised debate ‘Great Game’, several players fired in recent days against Western support for the neighboring country, invaded for almost a year by forces russian.

For Viatcheslav Nikonov, moderator of the program, when publicly thanking the new supply of tanks on Wednesday, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, appeared with “lop ears”, apparently after a “cocaine party”.

Also, according to his understanding, Germany was appalled by Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s decision to allow German-made Leopard 2 tanks to become available to the Ukrainians. This is because, he said, large sections of German society know that “nothing can unite the Russians more than seeing German tanks at the front lines,” a clear allusion to World War II.

Will these tanks that are going to be delivered to Ukraine make any difference?” Nikonov, a former lawmaker and historian, asked on Thursday’s show.

Ivan Safranchuk, director of the Center for Eurasian Research at the State Institute for International Relations, went further, drawing a parallel between the surrender of tanks and the seizure of Berlin by Soviet forces in World War II.

“The population remembers that, once, German tanks were launched against the then Soviet Union, and that resulted in the seizure of the Reichstag. Hence the logic of the question: will this situation not happen again now?” Safranchuk speculated.

The “profound crisis of the State”, which “affects German society”, he opined, “has already reached the Bundestag”.

The result, he continued, is the “liquidation of the Ukrainian people, although the Russian forces seek to preserve – which is difficult in a war context – Ukraine’s human resources.”

Alexei Leonkov, a military expert from the magazine “Arsenal da Pátria”, opined, regarding the deadlines for delivery to Ukraine of German and American armored vehicles, that the latter “have always been cunning”, stating that the preparation of the tanks will essentially be involve the training of Polish operators.

“It will not be American personnel who maneuver the tanks offered to Ukraine, especially since the current position of [Joe] Biden [Presidente dos Estados Unidos] it is very fragile”, affirmed Leonkov, without presenting facts that corroborate the thesis.

Ilya Kiva, a former member of the Ukrainian Parliament for the Oppositionist Platform for Life, a party that has since been outlawed by President Zelensky, proclaimed that “the United States wants to regain control of Ukraine.”

“Everyone knows that the Zelensky regime is under the influence of two Anglo-Saxon structures: MI6 and the CIA. [serviços de informações britânico e norte-americano, respetivamente]. They may even have common interests, like dealing a strategic blow to Russia, but each has their own methods,” Kiva said.

The ‘gallery of horrors’ presented by Kiva included corruption in Ukraine – which last week led to the arrest of dozens of top officials, including in the Defense Ministry – and an alleged “spring campaign” by the Ukrainian armed forces that is carrying out. he points out that “men fleeing the mobilization are wanted throughout the country”, used “by the West as cannon fodder”.

“In this way, we are approaching the moment when the Russian Federation, I am sure, will put an end” to the conflict, proclaimed the pro-Kremlin activist.

Source: Observadora

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