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Russian Senator: Madness has taken over Europe and NATO is moving towards a direct military confrontation with Russia Big discontent with Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia! A video of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the son of the Crown Prince of Jordan and the Sultan of Oman, taken at a restaurant in Al-Ula. A British military source predicts Zelensky’s fate after the deadly Russian attack: “Your tanks will be scrap metal.” Russia’s warning from Egypt to NATO. In the hands of the police, Kuwait continues to ban visas for Egyptians. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades declared a general mobilization and announced the start of the conflict with the Israeli army throughout Palestine, “will arm all Israelis”.. Israel prepares to respond to the attack in East Jerusalem . “All Ukrainians” spend the beginning of the year in the UAE (video) The story of the Saudi preacher called by the late Benama.. His father is paralyzed (video) The hard attack on the Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris after his statement about the The operation in Jerusalem Revealing the identity of the perpetrator of the operation in Jerusalem (photo) ) The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the operation in Jerusalem and described the attack. As a terrorist who lost a fifth of his fortune in one day.. A report excludes an Indian Billionaire from the list of 5 richest people in the world. Video of attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband. The authorities allow it. published “Dollars Only” That’s not the reason.. An expert explains the reason for Sweden, one of the biggest crises in Egypt, on RT.. A young Arab of Arab origin applied for a license to burn a Bible . / 01/28/2023 / Islamic Jihad: UAE and Turkey’s stance on the Jerusalem operation “Betrayal to the Palestinian people” The US Treasury warns Turkey and the UAE about the consequences of dealing with Russia End of the period of hypocrisy, burning of Quran and terrorist attack in Jerusalem Israeli forces attacked the Shuafat camp (video) Zakharova commented on a word about the “bear” discovered on Mars by “NASA” (photo) Russia found a weak spot France Zakharova comments Blinken initiative: Americans will soon print money The UAE condemns the “terror attack” in Jerusalem and expresses condolences to the Israeli government and “friendly people” An American center has proposed to resolve the chaos in Ukraine in 4 steps An official EU Saudi commentary on the killing of the newborn scholar Al-Gharibi by the US general in D: Let’s go to war with China in for two years and Hebrew media: 7 Israelis died in a gun attack at the entrance of a Jewish synagogue in Jerusalem (photo + video ). Developments in the Russian military operation in Ukraine and its reflections at night / 27.01.2023/ A missile falling with a parachute .. Communication sites talk about a “new weapon of Russia ” in Saudi Arabia .. An earthquake in Jazan and a video document the event Donetsk officials: Fierce clashes erupt to control Oglidar Kadyrov: Koran burning crimes contribute to religious hatred in Europe Stated of the video the moment when the boy named Aliywat opened fire on the inhabitants of Palestine Silvan neighborhood is a bastion in Russia, the West’s Ukraine An American expert who will fire his weapons in the US: Abrams tanks are not will ever appear on the battlefields of Ukraine Egypt is preparing for the imminent opening of the “Octagon of the Egyptian Army”, a unique city in the Middle East . Photos reveal the new location of the Egyptian forces.Liverpool coach, Salah Explained why the level dropped this season.72 ? Russian defense reveals harvest of last 24 hours of military operation in Ukraine, Israel launches air strikes in Gaza, New York Times: Washington is discussing with its allies ways to change its approach to arming Ukraine! The team was kicked out of the Saudi Super Cup! After a maid was killed and her body dumped in the desert..Philippines investigate labor abuses in Kuwait A Saudi prince sued an American company over the island of “James Bond” Medvedev: It supplies Ukraine’s Embarrass Johnson tanks to say he cannot save Europe in the event of a third world war. Ukrainian journalist compares the Russians to the Nazi White House: Reviewing relations with Saudi Arabia does not mean that Ronaldo’s cutting them increases the “fear” of the supporters of the Saudi victory Al Ittihad match (video) Economists : Changing the ruble and pound to the dollar will revive Egyptian industry, adviser to the president of Ukraine .. Pique posts first photo with new girlfriend Jordan Jordan, Jerusalem s Egypt warns of risk of tension and slipping into a vicious cycle of violence after the attack on Jerusalem, after its first support.. Alves’ wife made a surprise move! The statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry on the escalation in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone is an armored vehicle equipped with “Cornet” missiles capable of destroying a Saudi Arabian “Leopard-2” tank from a distance of 10 kilometers. Sikorsky on corruption and megalomania: Ukraine is more advanced than Poland in 1991 Mohammad Alivat, the perpetrator of the Silvan operation, left a message “Forgive me, make me proud” to the mother of Ukraine, which sentenced to death after the crime of burning the Koran. Gamal Abdel Nasser’s brother and daughter were injured in a traffic accident. A French resident, living in Moscow, assessed the consequences of Western sanctions. And the government made a statement. A German magazine explains under what conditions Washington will withdraw gas from Europe. a fuel tanker to follow. The American media presents a critical problem for the “Abrams” tanks in Ukraine. Osteoporosis Mazda launches an elegant, economical and cheap car Media: Brazil rejects Germany’s request to supply Ukraine with shells for tanks Danish Paludan gives Erdogan an ultimatum: I will burn a copy of the Koran every Friday Zelensky that this is too much Egypt Responsible sources refuse to make any changes in the composition of the cabinet Germany will lose the European arms market after giving Leopard tanks to Kiev Commenting on the statement of Croatian President Birbock: Making war are we in russia .. I didn’t know he was a Nazi officer: We ran like a herd of sheep and a tank bullet hit him in the head. Our President Trump: The conflict in Ukraine can be resolved in “24 hours”. 700 new planes and helicopters Hundreds of volunteers want to join the “tsarist wolves” The number of victims is expected to increase..The Israeli police issued a statement after the operation in which 8 people died (Photos) Businessmen were not satisfied Egyptian. the situation Israelis recently attended a summit led by Cairo Iran on television broadcast an interview with the perpetrator of the attack on the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran and his daughter. (Video) After oil. .Bloomberg Agency shed light on the role of the 600 billion dollar fund in Saudi Arabia

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov confirmed that the chaos currently engulfing Europe is similar to what happened before the First World War and that the West is determined to confront Russia head-on.

“The madness that reigns in the West today is similar to the madness that gripped Europe on the eve of the First World War as the parties tried to fight each other. Now they are determined to oppose Russia and openly express their opposition to Russia. ” at war with him,” said Pushkov.

“Only the blind do not see that NATO is moving at full speed towards a direct military confrontation with Russia, ignoring all the limits and limitations of military support to Ukraine previously imposed on it by the alliance,” added he.

And he continued: “Biden said six months ago that a supply of tanks to Ukraine would lead to a ‘third world war’, and now the tank decision for his administration is a phase of the past and now ‘NATO’ considers providing fighter jets to Kiev .

“Yes, the German defense minister claimed that the surrender of the fighters was out of the question, but Berlin said the same about the tanks before,” said Pushkov.

Source: Novosti

Source: Arabic RT

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