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Turkey urged its citizens in European countries, the USA and those who want to travel there to be careful “against the increase of xenophobic, racist and bigoted attacks”.

In a statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he said that in addition to the increase in incidents of Islamophobia, xenophobia and racism, he has seen demonstrations targeting Turkey by groups defending terrorist organizations in several countries in Europe such as Germany, Belgium and France. , Spain, Sweden and Italy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs estimates that recent events “show a serious level of religious intolerance and hatred in Europe and that racist currents in Europe have reached alarming proportions”.

In the statement, Turks in European countries or those who want to travel to these countries are called to “take every precaution in the face of a possible attack by a racist and xenophobic person, stay away from demonstration areas , contact local security officials and act with restraint.” nature.”

In the statement, Turks were called to “heed the statements and warnings of Turkish embassies and consulates in European capitals and cities”.

In another statement, the State Department said it had watched racist and xenophobic verbal and physical attacks following demonstrations across the United States following police brutality and the subsequent death of a man named Tire Nichols.

He urged his citizens in the United States and those intending to travel there to take necessary precautions, stay away from demonstration sites, contact local security officials, and act with restraint against acts of violence. any possible racist and xenophobic attacks.

He also urged US security to heed subsequent statements and warnings made by the Turkish State Department, their embassies in Washington, and their consulates in US states.

Source: Turkish “Anadolu” Agency

Source: Arabic RT

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