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Zelensky announces reforms to the social, legal and political system after corruption cases

After several resignations and resignations in the power structures, Zelensky promised concrete changes. And he left a warning: those who do not meet the requirements “should not remain in office.”

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The Ukrainian president announced on Tuesday that new reforms are being prepared in the country to transform the social, legal and political reality of the country. In the usual daily speech, Volodymyr Zelensky explained that the objective of the measures is to move towards a “more humane, transparent and effective” reality.

The statements come after a wave of resignations and dismissals that shook the power structures in Ukraine, due to suspicions of corruption in various positions. The Ukrainian leader has yet to provide details on the reforms, leaving only one message: “There will be decisions. Those of the system that do not respond to the fundamental requirements of the State and society They should not stay at their posts.“.

Embezzlement, vacations with the oligarch’s car and ghost generators. Will Zelensky’s corruption purge stop there?

It all started when the arrest of Vasyl Lozynsky, now former Deputy Minister for Development and Communities and Territories of Ukraine, was announced last week, arrested on suspicion of having received a bribe of 400,000 dollars (about 368,000 euros) to benefit a company during the acquisition of generators. Since then, the head of state has promised zero tolerance for corruption, implementing changes in his cabinet, Ukrainian regions and security forces.

In the usual daily speech, the Ukrainian leader also said that they are finalizing the preparations for the summit with the European Union in kyiv. “We are waiting for news from Ukraine. We await decisions from our partners in the EU,” Zelensky said.

The event will take place this Friday and will be “a strong signal” for the “partners and enemies” of the country, the Ukrainian prime minister also stressed.

kyiv summit with “strong signal” from the EU for partners and enemies

“The fact that this summit is taking place in kyiv is a strong signal for both partners and enemies” of Ukraine, he said, confirming that the Ukrainian capital will receive several European commissioners.

Source: Observadora

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