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Xi Jinping: China must deal with foreign interference in Taiwan The USDC has fallen sharply after the bankruptcy of the bank “Silicon Valley” After the “Bank of Silicon Valley” The corrupt European countries cannot teach us manners! The Dutch scientist is angry: Another devastating earthquake is inevitable! The UAE has announced that it has stopped buying defense systems from Israel Iraq. The Prime Minister burst a surprise: I saw Saddam Hussein next to my house! 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Iran released the Yassin plane, bringing procedures to the Egyptian mosques for the first time in the history of Egypt in the coming Ramadan, “You have mastered the breeding of cattle.” Jordanian seismologist sends message to Dutch scientist Report: Ukraine becomes world’s third largest arms importer Ukrainian Land Forces Commander: The situation in Artymovsk is complicated and we may be under siege. Relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran? Video.. The confrontation between two monkeys and Chinese martial arts master Kiev: We did not foresee that we received security guarantees from the West before the start of peace talks with Russia An expert in Egypt warns about pirated links before the Ramadan (video) “Politico”: One with Russian Support The White House’s article on war crimes in Ukraine raises serious concerns. Egypt is taking the most important step to realize its nuclear dream. The Secretary of the Security Council of Russia commented on the new version of the “North Stream”. “bombing.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said his country will resolutely oppose foreign interference in the Taiwan issue and oppose separatist activities aimed at the island’s independence.

“We must firmly support the principle of One China, adhere to the 1992 Consensus, resolutely support the peaceful development of relations along the Taiwan Straits, and oppose foreign interference and separatist activities aimed at Taiwan’s independence ,” the Chinese president said at the closing ceremony. said. the first session of the country’s 14th parliament.

The Chinese president emphasized that his country intends to move forward without hesitation in the reunification process with Taiwan. It is necessary to continue to encourage the process of reunification of the island with the homeland,” he said.

Earlier, the Chinese government announced that Beijing plans to strengthen cross-strait relations and will take decisive steps to fight for Taiwan’s independence in 2023 and advance the process of peaceful reunification on the island.

Taiwan has been under its rule since 1949. Beijing considers it one of China’s provinces.

Tensions escalated in Taiwan after former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taipei in August 2022 and Beijing denounced it as interference in the country’s internal affairs.

Source: TASS

Source: Arabic RT

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