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Ukraine’s foreign minister does not expect Western warplanes to be supplied to his country in the near future. The USDC currency fell sharply after the bankruptcy of the “Silicon Valley” bank in its transition to peace. Saudi Arabia brings the war with Iran closer Media: America’s secret operation in Crimea will lead to disaster in Iraq.. Prime Minister explodes Surprise: I saw Saddam Hussein next to my house! A former Ukrainian adviser reveals dangerous information 3 new changes to the Saudi flag were adopted (photo) Egyptian mosque methods were introduced for the first time in the upcoming Ramadan Empty teacups at a meeting at NATO headquarters (video) Video. .Iran shows the Yassin plane Dutch scientist Angry: Another devastating earthquake is inevitable! The Wall Street Journal: Saudi Arabia signs a major airline deal worth tens of billions of dollars. The Internal Affairs of Egypt, with the support of Russia, reveals the conditions for the discovery of 4 corpses in a famous hotel in Alexandria. Egypt is taking an important step towards realizing this. nuclear dream A French historian predicts the collapse of the Soviet Union: the West underestimates Russia and “NATO” is now in grave danger. Israel Report: Fear of rapprochement between Iran and Egypt after Saudi Arabia A German politician: The second most corrupt country Europe us cannot teach moral lessons! A commentary on Von der Leyen’s intention to limit Russia’s military capabilities: Don’t dig a hole into which the European Union can fall. (Video) Latest developments and reflections on Russia’s military operation in Ukraine / 12.03.2023/ “Ross Cosmos” sounded and published a photo of the “River of Resurrection” (photo) China .. 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A former US official denied the statements of Washington Intention to establish a Kurdish state in Syria King of Morocco 6th national broadcaster The Times of Israel: A senior government official accuses the US of financing protests and Turkish Defense Minister: Military in Syria Our existence is not an invasion. Damascus understands our stance on Kurdish forces New details on the search for a golden mountain in Egypt Famous Egyptian “blogger” lost his sight permanently after being shot (photos) Maduro described Putin as a great fighter Egypt’s withdrawal from the war was appreciated by a security expert grain deal and saw it as a severe blow to the dollar American Politics: Washington’s 80-year goal of world domination Kadyrov showcases Western weapons seized in Ukraine (photo) took a “special trip to hell” and received 250,000 euros a day. Who is the shooter in Hamburg? Netanyahu: I follow the decline of the American investment bank SVB Why isn’t Hakimi like Alves behind bars? In the first statement made by the Egyptian Al-Ahly coach after the heavy defeat at Sun Downs, Erdogan asked for “pardon” to the people of Hatay for the disappointment in the first days of the earthquake. A study shows that the Nile River Delta is in existential danger. The Egyptian judiciary has set a date for the verdict in the Egyptian man’s defamation case. End Egyptian goalkeeper Abu Jabal’s crisis in a Saudi victory, Liverpool coach Salah commented on the wasted penalty kick in Russia. Spain (video) Sirens sound in Ukraine’s Kharkov and Dnipropetrovsk provinces Saudi security explains the punishment for desecration of the kingdom’s flag, emblems and flags of friendly countries (video) Salah’s father’s first statement after his son’s villa was robbed in Egypt Preliminary Between Tehran and Washington Agreement reached for prisoner exchange Source: Russia Ukraine deploys new hypersonic missile with unmatched accuracy US military expert: The Russia’s modern nuclear submarines threaten the US reporter Die Welt: Residents of Artyomovsk support Russia And for the Damascus boy being treated in Abu Dhabi, the army awaits the arrival of Esma Assad: “We are waiting for on your return to Damascus” (video) Wave of panic in the US banking sector Closure of “Silicon Valley Bank” Source: Ukraine prepares to stir at Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power plant Europe rushes to buy Russian gas Russian defense question: The day the Italian Foreign Minister met with Donet 220 Ukrainian soldiers were removed from the sk axis About NATO’s stance on sending joint forces to Ukraine Expert: The Russian army really freed Krasnogorovka north of Avdiivka Marochko: Ukrainian forces advanced defensively in the direction of Krasnolymansky Special RT: Two scenarios to reach an agreement with the Renaissance Damdent Messi , success football history The coalition of America against Russia has hit such a ceiling that they refuse to return to their country to save them from mobilization, which is a warning. Why did Egypt suddenly pull out of the grain agreement? Kiev: We do not set out to get Western security guarantees before starting peace talks with Russia Elon Musk plans to buy a bankrupt “Silicon Valley” bank

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, in an interview with Bild am Sonntag newspaper, said that Western countries are unlikely to deliver air fighters to his country in the near future.

“I do not expect the fighters to be given to us anytime soon, it is a very difficult task in terms of logistics and procedures. However, we point out that the training of Ukrainian pilots should start now. Once the decision is made, we will not spend a few days,” he said.

In the second half of February, Kuleba said that his country had not received any commitments from any country to supply fighter jets.

Earlier, the German government said it was not considering providing fighter jets to Ukraine.

White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre announced that her country is not planning to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, although Ukrainian pilots have come to the United States for training.

Before that, US President Joe Biden rejected the transfer of F-16s to Ukraine and said in a television interview, “These transfers make no sense in the context of the current conflict.”

Source: TASS

Source: Arabic RT

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