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Nine countries have already pledged to deliver 150 Leopard tanks to Ukraine, US announces

The US chief of staff did not specify whether this number of tanks included those that Germany, Poland and other countries had already announced they would deliver to Ukraine.

Nine countries have already committed to sending around 150 Leopard tanks to Ukraine, US Chief of Staff General Mark Milley revealed on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters at the end of the tenth meeting of the working group on military aid to kyiv, Mark Milley did not specify whether this number of 150 tanks iincludes those that Germany, Poland and other countries had already announced they were going to deliver to Ukraine.

However, Milley specified that Sweden had decided to supply 10 Leopard tanks and that Norway would supply two NASAM air defense systems.

Canada announced, for its part, that it will donate approximately 8,000 rounds of 155mm ammunition, as well as 12 air defense missiles from the Canadian Armed Forces inventory and more than 1,800 rounds of training ammunition for tanks.

“But for Ukraine to protect its sovereign territory and defend its citizens in the long term, we must continue,” recalled US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

The US official also assured that aid to the country invaded by Russia will not stop. “Let’s help Ukraine keep tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other armored vehicles heading to the front. [de combate]. We will urgently continue to train soldiers in the capabilities we are delivering and the combined arms and maneuver tactics they need to succeed.”

Lloyd further emphasized that Ukraine is important not only for the United States but also for the rest of the world because it is about upholding the rules of international order.

At the beginning of this virtual meeting, the US Secretary of Defense called on his allies to remain committed and “united” in sending aid to Ukraine.

The US-led Ukraine Defense Contact Group focuses on coordinating long-term, sustainable military assistance to Ukraine and is made up of 54 countries: NATO’s 30 members and 24 others.

Source: Observadora

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