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He photographed Putin’s armored train, fled the war in Ukraine, lives in exile in Sri Lanka: the story of Mikhail Korotkov

The presidential luxury train became the muse of Mikhail Korotkov. He spent years tracking and photographing it from a distance, a challenge that proved dangerous, particularly with the start of the war.

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“Mere mortals don’t ride a train like that.” With these words the Russian Mikhail Korotkov, enthusiast of train sightingdescribed the luxury armored train that transports President Vladimir Putin on his high-speed trips across the country.

Putin’s TEP70BS-239 train was Korotkov’s obsession for years, the first enthusiast believed to have posted a photograph of the locomotive in 2018. “It’s not a normal train (…). Behind the closed curtains of the windows of this train is darkness and decay.“, he wrote at the time when sharing the images he had captured in Valdai, in the Novgorod region, of the wagons destined to transport the “most terrible person in the country”.

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Source: Observadora

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