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France. Le Pen’s party files a motion of no confidence against Macron’s government

Emmanuel Macron used a constitutional power to force through the increase of the retirement age to 64 without a parliamentary vote.

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The French National Union partyNational Regroupment), headed by Marine Le Pen, presented a motion of no confidence on Thursday against the Government of Emmanuel Macron, after the French president used his constitutional power to advance the approval of legislation on the increase of the retirement age without the vote of the National Assembly. , the lower house of the French parliament. the news is being advanced by AFP.

The Macron government’s legislative proposal to raise the retirement age by two years, from 62 to 64, has been the main driver of the strikes and demonstrations that have taken place in France in recent weeks.

The increase in the retirement age was approved this Thursday in the French Senate, the upper house, with 193 votes in favor and 114 votes against. This afternoon a vote was scheduled in the National Assembly, in which the proposal could fall, but Emmanuel Macron chose to resort to the constitutional power that allows the government to force the approval of a diploma without a parliamentary vote.

The confirmation of the intention of this government by the French Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, provoked protests from the deputies present.

After the session, Marine Le Pen informed reporters that her party intends to move forward with a vote of no confidence against the French government.

Source: Observadora

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