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Recent developments and reflections on the night hours of the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 16.03.2023/ Kuwait expels many Egyptians. A strange warning from the Italian Foreign Minister in Egypt. Tunisia will not be a new Tunisia, I hope. Ethiopia announced that it rejected the Egyptian Foreign Minister’s statements about the Renaissance Dam. Communication sites witness the testimony (video) of America in its talks about Western sanctions against Russia and the way it deals with Israel. carnage: “The dead fell into the water together”! Saddam Hussein revealed his agent to the FBI in 30 seconds, Al-Sisi decided to remove the head of the largest court of Egypt (photo) In an interview with the RT channel in Moscow, the most famous statement of the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad, the US army attacked. the Black Sea He released the video of the collapse of the march, Musk commented on the event of the march in America. Will described the Saudi-Iranian rapprochement in the Leo sign in the Black Sea as a “great surprise”. Is he meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman? Assad: I will meet with Erdogan on a case (video) Zakharova: The United States of America is threatening Switzerland for the first time in the history of Egypt… Meat prices have reached unprecedented levels Recent developments and contemplation of the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 16/2023 / Bolton: Biden fears Ukraine’s “victory” Response to Assad, Turkish Defense Minister: Even if he returns to accepting the laws of Hammurabi, he is not will find any justification Moscow: Targeting any Russian aircraft in international space means declaring war against the largest nuclear power avoids getting caught Media: Russian Kinjal ‘dagger’ missiles target of a secret command center in NATO’s shadow in Ukraine A Saudi official revealed the Chinese president’s offer to the Saudi Crown Prince to mediate between Riyadh and Tehran , the victim is the criminal and the Israeli ‘bulldozer’ right! Egypt.. In Gharbia, 25 flayed donkeys were found for the first time in the region (photos).. Saudi Arabia prepares to launch its luxury tourist train (video) The country’s newest city, Red, and a giant bridge in beyond the Mediterranean Al-Assad: Russia’s Syria His presence in the world is important in relation to the balance of power (video) “Love and jealousy”.. Manchester United “deepened” Guardiola’s wounds by publishing the picture of his “girlfriend”. Egypt responded to what the Dutch researcher expected in the country’s devastating earthquakes. Behind me!”.. Deschamps slapped Benzema. This is not Iraq and Afghanistan.. An American soldier advises his comrades not to become Zelensky. Pentagon: Russian planes are flying their weapons over our bases in Syria, and it’s an Arab invader. “provocation” of a “chronic” disease.. and the Ministry of Health takes action A Russian official explains the latest situation Developments in the situation around the city of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) A photo from Egypt shows important developments in the Renaissance Dam Saudi Finance Minister On the economy of Egypt Laser lights for residents Settlement of Metula (video) Syrian President to RT: If you do not lie, you are not a Westerner Polyansky: Ukraine is in brink of serious military events that are not in Kiev’s interest “A financial disaster in Europe”. The specter of bankruptcy hangs over his bank, but what will be the fate of the euro? The Egyptian president’s daughter was seen holding a Russian diamond necklace. An expert comments on the crash: “MiG-29” fighter jet was shot down and 93 artillery field wounded Saddam: Bin Laden’s beard cannot be trusted Saudi Foreign Minister: We agreed with Iran to respect the good neighbor who Elon Musk tweets about pornography and artificial intelligence! A strong earthquake hit the Kurdistan region of Iraq, an American official revealed details about the mission of the American march before it crashed into the Black Sea. Misfortunes befell the coach of Saudi Al Hilal following his family’s tragic accident. “Civil war” in the USA because of Ukraine after the downing of the American drone.. The Pentagon gives “advice” to the Russian Air Force. Assad commented on the participation of Syrian volunteers in the field of special operations in Ukraine, “This is my biggest fear”. discussing the cooperation of their countries within the framework of the organization “OPEC+” Egyptian preacher: Build a factory is better than 20 thousand mosques “POLITICS”: The US army is preparing Ukrainian forces for a major attack in May Saudi foreign minister, United States urges Ukraine not to waste video artillery shell US armed robbery in Lebanon Pentagon warns of a global war after an American drone crashed near Russian waters. defeat Shoigu announced the death toll Matviyenko, “ZDF Combination of Russian and Ukrainian forces in military operation: Algeria is a tried and trusted partner and Russia wants to raise the level of partnership (video) Kadyrov promised that punish the Ukrainian soldiers who attacked the Holy Quran. The latest developments in the Russian military operation in Ukraine and its reflections at night / 16.03.2023/ A former presidential adviser expects the situation in Ukraine to explode because of Zelensky Fruits, which he recommends adding to diet to control blood sugar. Expert comments on his remarks on the expansion of Russia’s presence in Ukraine Washington opposes the ceasefire in Ukraine Cairo and London held joint consultations on “an existential threat to Egypt” US State Department: May Russia did not intend to overthrow Assad March and we must overthrow the army Al-Libi found barrels of “lost uranium” today Turkish media: The postponement of the meeting of Russia, Turkey, Iran and Syria in Moscow, Crimea began at the burning of the Hajjet family in Mecca. Vasco da Gama inaugurated With the Blood of Muslims India Road US Treasury Secretary: 20 years after the invasion of Iraq, other US banks split Tikrit Pays the price and asks for help Sudanese Saudi Arabia statement broken his back A European bank Analyst An economist explained to RT the effects of Sisi’s decision to transfer the ownership of the most famous company in Egypt Egypt: 3 of the high dam What is the truth about the resignation of the Banque Governor? du Liban Palestinian Health: Death of 4 Palestinians, including the commander of the “Jerusalem Brigades” of the Israeli forces (videos) Weakness A spectacular discovery in the ruins of the Shrine, fatal for the march of the American MQ-9 that fell in Black Sea Photo of the Day in the Egyptian Al-Manar channel: A boar crosses the border fence and captures 7 positions, artillery and tanks of the Israeli army.

Russia’s special military operation continues in Ukraine, where the Russian army maintains full control over the liberated areas. The evening’s events and remarks were as follows:

  • Chinese Foreign Ministry: We hope that Russia and Ukraine will return to peace talks and political agreement
  • Denmark rejects Russia’s involvement in the “North Stream” sabotage investigation.
  • Russia announced that it shot down a UAV in the Saki region of Crimea.
  • Kadyrov vowed to punish Ukrainian soldiers who attacked the Quran
  • The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned of the consequences of lowering the Russian oil price ceiling
  • Russian Foreign Ministry: Even after the drone incident, we are not looking for a conflict with the USA
  • A former presidential adviser expects the situation in Ukraine to explode because of Zelensky
  • Pentagon: We do not know about Washington’s request from Moscow to recover the drone wreck in the Black Sea
  • Slutsky: Polish planes to be delivered to Ukraine are legitimate targets for Russian forces
  • USA: We will continue reconnaissance flights over the Black Sea
  • The US State Department has approved the sale of Hellfire missiles to Poland
  • Pentagon: US has not apologized to Russia for drone crash
  • The US sold Tomahawk missiles worth $895 million to Australia
  • Pentagon: Russian planes are flying their weapons over our bases in Syria and this is a “provocation”
  • White House: No contact with Russia about drone accident
  • Netanyahu fears Russian planes over Syria and says Israel will help Ukraine with airstrikes warning system
  • White House: Aid to Ukraine secured by September at the end of the current fiscal year
  • Matviyenko called the “North Stream” attack the “crime of the century”
  • Washington opposes the ceasefire in Ukraine
  • Following Poland’s announcement, the White House announced its stance on sending F-16s to the Kiev regime.
  • CNN: Video of drone incident doesn’t prove Russia’s behavior was intentional
  • Zakharova: The agreement between the Soviet Union and the USA did not include events like the “Black Sea March”
  • Former Pentagon adviser: Washington is preparing the Ukrainian army to strike Russia
  • White House: Russian communication channels continue to avoid any escalation
  • Media: Russia’s Kinjal “Dagger” missiles target a secret NATO command center in Ukraine
  • Germany.. Ukrainian refugees riot in Berlin
  • Washington to release a new package of military aid to Ukraine
  • Russian Navy Commander: All our submarines can be armed with “Caliber” missiles
  • Russian Navy: Nuclear submarines will test ballistic missiles
  • Pentagon: China has not yet supplied arms to Russia
  • The Hungarian Foreign Ministry accuses MEPs of fueling the conflict in Ukraine
  • Russian Embassy in Washington: US media trying to divert attention from Seymour Hersh investigation
  • CNN: Washington is weighing the benefits of using the marches against the risks of Russian escalation

Source: Arabic RT

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