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Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to feed the addiction and is tired of carrying the team on his shoulders

Ronaldo scored again three games later and paved the way for Al Nassr’s comeback against Abha Club (2-1). The Portuguese let Talisca score the winning penalty and even gave him the ball.

It has been like that throughout my career. Cristiano Ronaldo reveals a lot of ability to score goals, not so much to hide what he feels. The signs of frustration have been visible. Three games without hurting the network They are enough for Cristiano to feel that something is owed. On matchday 21 of the Saudi championship, against the Abha Club, he fed his addiction again.

The Portuguese international gave signs that he was missing something. Al Nassr lost and Ronaldo was gesturing with an opponent who was on the ground, asking him to leave the field of play as soon as possible. Losing and without marking, it was noticeable that the mood was not favorable, almost at the level of someone who gets up early and does not sleep enough hours. When he scored, he showed it, because not only in Saudi Arabia they have it.

Roberto Martínez revealed this Friday that he has called up a player from the Saudi Arabian League for the Portuguese team. No matter how peripheral the Saudi championship is, it is always easy to find the big stars. Even when it came to debating whether Cristiano Ronaldo’s career in the corner team had come to an end, the Spanish coach gave the captain a vote of confidence even if it is only “a starting point”, he explained. “I met the 26 players on the Qatar squad. It is important to talk to them, to know the commitment. Ronaldo is a very committed player. It is my position. He is a player who can give experience, as a very important figure for the team. I don’t look at age, other aspects, I think Cristiano has an opportunity to help the team and convey the experience of his career, ”he clarified, specifying that the player’s age was not taken into account when choosing.

“Ronaldo is a very committed player. He has an opportunity to help the team ”, highlights Martínez

The last match between Al Nassr and Abha Club was freshly painted. In the middle of the week, the teams met for the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey. The Riyadh team won 3-1 and, even with the win, Cristiano Ronaldo was upset when he was substituted. For this game, Talisca returned to the title after returning from injury.

They didn’t sing for Messi, they simply didn’t sing for Ronaldo’s goal: Al Nassr puts music to Abha and he’s in the Copa del Rey socks

Contrary to what happened in the Cup game in which Al Nassr scored in the first minute, this time it was Abha who started better with a disallowed goal in the seventh minute. Although, at that moment, he was nothing more than a threat, Abdulfattah Adam (26′) he really scored and forced Rudi Garcia’s men to chase defeat.

Then the inevitable appeared. Free for Al Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo put the ball in the middle of the attacking midfield, developed all the mechanics that precede the moment he takes the ball and finished. The shot seemed weak, but the truth is that he hit the back of the net (79′).

In the next instant, Zakaria Sami saw the second yellow card and was sent off, leaving Al Nassr with one more player on the field. The game entered the final ten minutes and the Riyadh team was looking for the victory that could keep the league on fire.fight for first place since Nuno Espírito Santo’s Al-Ittihad had already won in this round.

The effort paid off and Al Nassr won a penalty. Cristiano Ronaldo had the ball in hand to take the kicks, but he handed it to Talisca (86′)the top scorer in the Saudi League, and the Brazilian did not disappoint the confidence placed by the Portuguese and scored 2-1maintaining the distance of one point for the Portuguese coach’s team.

Source: Observadora

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