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France says arrest warrant for Putin ‘extremely important’ decision

The French foreign minister considers the issuance of the arrest warrant against Putin “extremely important”. Colonna says the decision could “change the course” of the war.

The French foreign minister has considered issuing an International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrant against the Russian president for war crimes in Ukraine. an “extremely important” decision.

The decision “means that anyone responsible for war crimes or crimes against humanity must be held accountable, regardless of their status or position”, stressed Catherine Colonna. “No link in the hierarchy can now think that it will escape justice and this should make many reflect,” added the head of French diplomacy, to the French weekly Journal du Dimanche.

In an interview to be published this Sunday, Colonna said he believed the ICC decision “could change the course of events” in Ukraine.. “France supports the Court [Penal Internacional]as well as help the Ukrainian justice, sending specialized teams to the field to document the abuses or identify the victims”, commented the minister.

After Slovakia this week delivered 13 MiG-29 fighters to kyiv and Poland another four, Colonna said that “everything that helps Ukraine is useful”.

Countries that have Soviet teams that Ukrainians already know about were able to make this decision. (…) To contradict [a ofensiva russa]Ukraine has to know how to resist with the means now available,” added the diplomat.

Regarding the future delivery of more advanced combat aircraft by France, he reiterated: “In principle, the President of the Republic and the Minister of the Armed Forces already said it: there is no taboo”.

The ICC on Friday issued an arrest warrant for the Russian president on war crimes charges, for his alleged involvement in child abductions in Ukraine. The ICC Attorney General identified in his request for an arrest warrant against Vladimir Putin the deportation to Russia of “at least hundreds of children from orphanages and children’s centers” ukrainians.

The British Karim Khan alleged that these acts of deportation of Ukrainian minors to Russia and their adoption by Russian families “demonstrate intent to permanently remove these children from their own country”, an illegal act contrary to the Geneva Conventions. The attorney general also said that such acts were committed in the context of “acts of aggression” by the Russian military against Ukraine.

the ICC also issued an arrest warrant for Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-BelovaCommissioner for Children’s Rights in the Office of the President of the Russian Federation on similar charges.

Source: Observadora

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