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After drone incident, Russia says it intercepted two nuclear-capable US bombers in the Baltic Sea

The Russian Defense Ministry has revealed that it used an Su-35 fighter jet to intercept two nuclear-capable US B-52H bombers flying over the Baltic Sea. The United States has yet to comment.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced Monday that it had intercepted two US nuclear-capable B-52H bombers flying over the Baltic Sea.

Quoted by Al Jazeera, the Ministry noted that the “air defense radars” of the Western Military District of Russia “Detected two targets fly to the border of the Russian Federation”.

After what could have been a threat, Russia used an Su-35 fighter to prevent the “violation” of its own airspace.

“Foreign military aircraft moved away from the air border of the Russian Federation and Russian aircraft returned to the base,” detailed the Russian Defense Ministry, ensuring that the Su-35 pilots acted in accordance with international air law.

The Russian Defense Ministry further warned that it will not “allow” any “violation of the airspace of the Russian Federation.”

The United States of America (USA) has not yet commented on this episode. However, the interception of two B-52H fighters comes days after a Russian SU-27 fighter shot down an American drone in the Black Sea area.

A Russian Su-27 fighter jet collided with an MQ-9 drone. What do we know about these military equipment?

At the time, James Hecker, commander of US forces in Europe, accused Russia of having ordered a very “unprofessional” maneuver and assured that the US would continue to “operate in international airspace.” “This incident demonstrates a lack of competence, as well as being unsafe and unprofessional”lament.

Source: Observadora

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