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Fact review. Did Lula da Silva decree the end of surrender requests in Brazil?

The multiple posts that include this information have already reached hundreds of thousands of views, but they are false: Lula da Silva did not close the delivery applications.

Several publications are circulating on social networks claiming that the president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, would have decreed the end of delivery applications in the country, since these platforms exploit workers.

In various publications consulted by the Observer, variations of phrases such as “Lula decrees the end of the delivery application, you motoboy who voted for him makes the L”, a reference to a Brazilian idiom used against those who were alerted to a certain problem and now he is suffering the consequences of his elections, but which is also used (in a complimentary or derogatory tone) in a reference to Lula da Silva, both by supporters and opponents.

However, this information is flatly false. There is no legal diploma in this regard in the Official Gazette (DOU) or in the minutes of the Brazilian Congress and the Brazilian government has never published any law or regulation that prohibits the application of renditions (this is also what is indicated, among others, de Aos Fatos, who, like The Observer, is a member of the International Fact-Checking Network, IFCN, of the Poynter Institute for Media Studies).

The origin of this rumor seems to be, however, an intervention by Lula da Silva during a meeting with the Trade Union Confederation of Workers and Workers of the Americas (CSA), the full text of which can be found on the Brazilian government website.

“Factories no longer have the number of workers they once had, informal work is gaining a larger dimension than formal work, and enforcement companies exploit workers like never before, at no other time in history have workers been exploited,” Lula said. .da Silva at this event.

“It is up to the union leaders once again to find a way out that allows the working class of the whole world to recover their space, not only in their relationship with their bosses, but in the social security gains that workers are losing in many countries of the world. world,” he added.

A quote from this speech by Lula da Silva went viral on social networks because it was included in the program Pingos nos Is, from the Brazilian television network Jovem Pan —and a video of that moment can be found in the program accompanying several of the publications that allege that Lula decreed the end of the surrender requests.

On the other hand, the fact that both Lula da Silva and the Brazilian Labor Minister, Luiz Marinho, have already made statements in the sense of promising a regulation for work in applications could be the origin of these rumors. According to the Brazilian press, the government should have a proposal on the subject in the first half of this year.


The publications that affirm that Lula da Silva decreed the end of surrender requests in Brazil are false: there is no legislative act in the country in this regard. The origin of the rumor may be in a set of statements by Lula da Silva, who believes that delivery apps exploit workers and who has also promised to regulate the sector.

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