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TikTok updates guidelines to strengthen community safety

The novelties are reflected in the field of content moderation, the protection of the dignity of its creators and the establishment of a compromise between freedom of expression and security.

TikTok has updated its guidelines to strengthen community safety, including content moderation and a compromise between free expression and safety, the short video platform announced Tuesday.

“Based on the defense of human rights and in line with international legal frameworks, TikTok updated its “Community Guidelines” (community principles)”, the social network owned by the Chinese company ByteDance announced on Tuesday, noting that “the news is reflected in the context of content moderation, protection of the dignity of its creators and the establishment of a commitment between freedom of expression and security. ”.

Updates take effect in one month, April 21. “Over the coming months, all content moderators on the platform will receive additional information to help effectively apply each of these rules and standards, as they are applied,” advances TikTok, noting that four pillars have been defined. in moderation approach.

These pillars are “remove violent content”; “restrict age-restricted content to adult viewing only (this must also comply with our Community Guidelines – make content “ineligible for recommendation in the “For You” feed that is not appropriate for a broad audience; and “provide our community with tools and information resources that allow them to maintain full control of their experience,” explains the social network, in the statement.

It adds that “it contacted more than 100 organizations around the world and members of the community with the aim of strengthening the response to possible threats and damage” and that some of the changes in the principles of the community refer to new rules on how TikTok treats content-producing users that use artificial intelligence (AI), such as “bots” and reinforcing the sense of “tribe” “as a protective attribute against hate speech policies and hateful conduct.

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It also contains “details of the work to protect civic and electoral integrity, including the approach to government accounts, politics and political parties”.

The guidelines update also extends “to the law enforcement strategy: share more information about decisions related to accounts that violate the rules and clarify that we do not allow the use of multiple accounts, to intentionally circumvent our rules or their application” . explains TikTok.

“These updates provide our community with greater transparency about the usage rules and how we enforce them. The entire community and the specialists who work with us actively contribute to the security of users and the response to possible threats”, continues the social network.

TikTok has been in the spotlight lately due to the ban on the application on devices either by the European Commission, the United States and other countries. where the most recent case is that of the British BBC who instructed his employees to uninstall the social network.

Source: Observadora

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