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Shoigu during meeting with Li Changfu: Cooperation between Russia and China reduces tensions and defuses world conflicts (video) Netanyahu meets with US Senator Lindsey Graham about Saudi Arabia’s Emergency Egypt operation in Sudan Published by Armed Forces of Sudan in a statement on state television: The situation is under control at this stage Apart from the wealth of his ex-wife Heba Abouk, Bayern Munich decided to remove Mani Egypt. Egyptian content. It sells Koran Radio and sells it abroad.. and security measures. Kuwait denied reports of a possible visit by the foreign minister to Damascus. The Sudanese army announced that “the residence of Hamidati, the commander of the Rapid Support Forces, has been identified”. Amr Musa: The events in Sudan threaten the stability of the Horn of Africa and South Arabia, the security and vital interests of Egypt. 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An Egyptian MP commented on Al-Sisi’s comments on Sudan An unusual appearance could mean you are at risk of heart disease. (Photos) Pentagon: We are concerned that the weapons we gave to Kiev will be used to launch attacks inside Russia Hamidti tweeted after meeting with Blinken: We will have another call for dialogue! The official spokesman of the Rapid Support Forces explained the response of the Sudanese army commander (video) to Netanyahu’s call to meet with the daughter of the Iranian Shah, Sisi: Egypt is trying to maintain de-escalation in Sudan. and what goes on inside is an internal matter. Two bullets in the back before the plane was shot down. How did the Americans kill the most famous Japanese military commander? Red Sea military zone in Sudan: All Rapid Support Forces headquarters in the sector have been captured. The former head of the Egyptian army’s reconnaissance service spoke to RT about the return of Egyptian forces from Sudan. 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Gannushi The moment the Syrian President received the Saudi Foreign Minister on an official visit to Damascus after the arrest of.. Tunisian security closed the headquarters of the opposition Liberation Front International astronomy is marked the first day of Eid al-Fitr Khartoum during the flight of violent Sudanese army planes and clashes in Omdurman Qatar Foundation declared the day of Shawwal crescent investigation Hiroshima and Nagasaki crime, “hurricane” launchers defeated the Ukrainian army. Did Ronaldo paint his toenails black? The mane crisis has also infected Bayern Munich in Egypt. After an incident that caused chaos in Alexandria, the authorities made a series of decisions. 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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that cooperation and coordination between Russia and China has an effect on stabilizing the world situation and helping to reduce tensions and the possibility of conflict.

In a meeting with Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu in Moscow today, Shoigu added: “The coordination of our efforts in the international arena has a stabilizing effect on the world situation and helps reduce the possibilities of conflict. What is important is that the two countries continue to change the ongoing global geopolitical landscape. is to examine its essence in the same way (with the same perspective).

Shoigu also emphasized that Russia and China are coordinating their measures to prepare for joint naval and air patrols and military exercises in bilateral and multilateral formats (within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the coordination mechanism between Chinese defense ministries). ten countries in Southeast Asia).

The Russian Defense Minister expressed his belief that “the meeting and the meeting with his Chinese counterpart will try to further strengthen the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership in the field of defense and allow the discussion of current issues with relation to global and regional security.”

During his meeting with Shoigu, the Chinese Defense Minister said the two countries intend to deepen military-technical cooperation and military trade, adding, “The armed forces of Russia and China will strictly implement the agreements reached by the head of state and will be strengthened. the military and military-technical cooperation between Russia and China. and to promote military trade. We will raise that.” Definitely on a new level.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that Russian and Chinese military delegations signed a memorandum of understanding between the Russian Armed Forces General Staff Military Academy and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army National Defense Academy.

Members of the Chinese delegation also visited several facilities of the Russian National Defense Control Center.

Source: Novosti

Source: Arabic RT

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