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The latest developments in the Russian military operation in Ukraine and its reflections at night / 22.04.2023/ Ronaldo masseur announced the Portuguese star Mercy for the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers Recent developments in Russia’s military operation in Ukraine and its nightly reflections / 22/04/2023/ A German minister and the party leader received a “bottom” blow from his colleague who threw them to the crocodiles. A scientist couple, member of “ISIS” Macron, destroys the reputation of a restaurant in southern France. Kings and presidents celebrate Assad’s Eid al-Fitr in Crimea. Hearing the explosions, the president reveals the reason, the proof, and where he is: I’ll just leave him in the coffin! Recent developments and reflections on the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 22/04/2023/ Trans MP Sameh Shukri sparks a debate in the parliament of an American state: Anyone outside the party should be avoided the intervention and reduction in efforts for calm Damascus told Washington “Syria He called for compensation for “theft of oil and wealth”. Russia has expelled more than 20 German diplomats. Rare photos.. This is how the Saudis celebrated Eid-al-Fitr 90 years ago under their patronage “Standard & Poor’s” lowered their expectations for Egypt’s debt after leaving Hakimi Heba Abouk: I’m trying to get over the shock! Medvedev reveals who is the main enemy of Russia A Hindu woman attacked a mosque during Eid prayers in the USA (video) “Quick Support” explains the outcome of the conflict in Sudan An expert explains the goals of the attack on the headquarters of the Ukrainian army forces “Bloomberg” : In the new cold war between Washington and Beijing, the features of the front Middle East became clear. After his statements on “common values” between Ukraine and Canada, a new wave of criticism against Zelensky from Twitter users Salah made a request, son of Liverpool club legend (video) Moscow, the Berlin’s Russian government condemned the decision to expel the diplomats and promised an appropriate response. The Kuwaiti Foreign Minister congratulated his Saudi counterpart on the success of the Kingdom’s evacuation operations from Sudan. Former Ukrainian adviser: Zelenskiy’s fate depends on the outcome of the spring offensive. Italy held a referendum to stop sending weapons to Kuwait Ukraine Zyuganov: Zelenskiy turned from a clown to a bloody puppet in his hand. Kiev has asked its allies to allocate 1% of their domestic production to finance the arms supply. Two dead and 10 injured in a restaurant in Madrid, an Arab country killed a Russian tank on Saturday, the first day of Eid al-Fitr. Ukraine announced an attack on a network of fortresses and is following soldiers stationed there (video) Prigozhin explains why Kiev forces postponed the counterattack Medvedev warns the German Defense Minister against repeating historical mistakes “The Economist”: attack on Kiev The counterattack is full of risks, and Ukraine and its masters in the worst windfall from Lavrov’s trip to Cuba Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, evacuation of Saudi citizens and other citizens from Sudan Plans for a comprehensive Ukrainian counter-attack: risk everything Five “unknown” symptoms of dementia to know to slow disease progression South Korea He sent more than 300 soldiers to Sudan, what would you do to your body if you were alone for 8 hours ?! Who is 15-year-old Al-Amin Jamal on Barcelona’s roster to face Atletico? Why did the Spaniard, isolated in a cave for 500 days, lose track of time?! “SANA”: American forces escort a convoy loaded with stolen Syrian oil to their base in Iraq Jordan’s King and heir stop to celebrate Najda patrol during Eid al-Fitr (video) Issues of the Saudi Federation Disciplinary Board Pushkov, Canadian politician mocks the Pink shoes of the Houthis: The era of taking care of Yemen is gone forever and the Red Sea is a Yemeni territory. A Russian official: Washington wants to disrupt the fuel loading ceremony of the Turkish Akkuyu station An Egyptian statement on the intervention of the UAE to resolve the crisis of the Egyptian army soldiers in Sudan The Liverpool star agreed to move to Barcelona US Army Chief of Staff: 11,200 Ukrainian Soldiers Germany Russia’s most famous car is now the point of no return Egyptian security explained the details of the attack on the French tourist in the Bahariya Oasis region Salah repeated his historic victory in Liverpool (video) Le Kalem: He literally broke the relationship between Macron and the French Drug lord ” The sons of El Chapo survived by throwing their enemies in front of hungry tigers. Iranian space commented on the video of Elon Musk’s spacecraft explosion. “Likud”: Mansoor Abbas braver than Anwar Sadat Hundreds in Sweden protest their country’s bid to join NATO Mahrez delivers a historic “hat-trick” and takes Man City to the final (video) of the English Cup from Russia. Constructions for nuclear reactors and steam generators started in India and China, Yemen.. Killing of Imam Hatip after Eid prayer in Shabwa Governorate (video) One billion euro barrier in Arabic..Ronaldo celebrates Muslims on Eid al- Fitr (video) Hebrew website: China offers to mediate between Palestine and Israel Heavy floods ravaged Turkish Adana (video) Sudanese Army: USA, UK, France and China immediately began to evacuate their citizens using military transports planes The Russian army took A for artillery thermal and acoustic reconnaissance systems party Novak: Russia will switch to the national currency during the mutual settlement of energy resources The video is correct, but.. Egypt sends aid to Sudan (video ) Video.. headquarters “Justice and Development” Party in the south of Turkey Moroccan security destroyed an ammunition depot in Ukraine: The amount of “tuna cocaine” seized was 59 kilos. The Egyptian government is trying to establish a terrorist state near Turkey. He proposed the headquarters of the Ministries of Justice and Interior in downtown Cairo for investment. Iran’s military commander: We will punish any country that gives Israel a military base on its territory. And the wise difference: Iraq, Iran-Saudi rapprochement. After Saudi Arabia, Israel also has Iran. Why are they afraid to make peace with Jordan? Trial of 8 Indians in Qatar on charges of spying on a secret submarine program in favor of Israel Red Baron, the craziest pilot in aviation history, Saudi Arabia evacuated dozens of its countrymen and citizens of other countries from Sudan (video) Mass demonstrations against The plan of the Israeli government for 16 weeks in a row

Russia’s special military operation continues in Ukraine, where the Russian army maintains full control over the liberated areas. The evening’s events and remarks were as follows:

  • Zakharova: Kiev will ask allies to take off their pajamas for its own sake
  • The Economist: Kiev’s counteroffensive is fraught with danger and Ukraine and its bosses must prepare for the worst
  • Swedish Defense Minister: Ukraine must prepare for a long war of attrition
  • i24news: Israeli mercenary killed in Artyomovsk
  • Former Ukrainian adviser: Zelensky’s fate depends on the outcome of the spring offensive
  • Kiev forces bombed 3 cities in the Donetsk Republic with 26 artillery shells.
  • A former Ukrainian military commander is urging Kiev’s forces to follow the tactics of the Nazis
  • Kiev has pushed mass reinforcements into the Zaporozhye areas they still control
  • Zelensky imposes sanctions on 25 Russian citizens
  • A former Pentagon adviser revealed what unites the US administration and the Kiev regime
  • Prigozhin pleaded with Kiev to spare the lives of tens of thousands of his soldiers

Source: Arabic RT

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