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Trial against Alexei Navalny for extremism and Nazism reaches Russian courts

Alexei Navalny is accused of financing and instigating extremist actions, and his case has reached Russian courts. The former FBK leader also accused Putin of having sent several Russians to slaughter.

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The case for extremism and Nazism against the imprisoned Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, reached the Moscow urban court on Thursday and could be worth another long sentence.

According to the Mediazona news portal, Navalny is accused of financing and instigating extremist actions and of creating an organization that violates the rights of citizens, in reference to the illegal Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK). He was also accused of rehabilitating Nazism and attracting minors to participate in dangerous actions, alluding to unauthorized opposition demonstrations.

At the time, Navalny denounced that a military court was going to try him for terrorism, and could sentence him to life imprisonment.

The National Anti-Terrorism Committee held Ukrainian secret services responsible for the April assassination of military blogger Vladlen Tatarski, saying they used people close to Navalny’s FBK for the attack, who incited prime suspect Daria Trepova to commit the crime.

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Members of the Russian opposition leader’s FBK team have categorically denied any connection to the St. Petersburg cafe attack. Various allies of the Russian opposition they are in exile, but Moscow added them to the register of terrorists and extremistsfor his collaboration with the FBK and other Navalny foundations and with his network of offices, all classified as extremist organizations and outlawed by the Russian justice system.

In addition, Alexei Navalny is credited with praising terrorism when his adviser, Leonid Volkov, defended the assassination attempt on Hitler in 1944 at the hands of the military man Claus von Stauffenberg.

“According to the Instruction and [o Presidente, Vladimir] Putin, Hitler’s power was legitimate and attacking it was extremism,” Navalny explained.

In recent months, Navalny condemned on social networks the “criminal war” started by Putin in Ukraine in February 2022, accusing the Russian head of state of sending hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens “to the slaughterhouse”. Navalny’s team called for a world day of support for their leader, who will turn 47 that day, June 4, denouncing that he has been in prison for 850 days, 165 of which he spent in punishment cells in a penitentiary center from the Vladimir region. , less than 200 kilometers from Moscow.

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His collaborators, all abroad, accused the prison authorities of trying to poison him in prison. In November 2022, the Russian court rejected an appeal by Alexei Navalny’s lawyers and confirmed his sentence to eight years in prison, for which he was found guilty of fraud and contempt.

Source: Observadora

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