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The Netherlands seizes land from Vladimir Putin’s former son-in-law

Jorrit Faassen, the ex-husband of Putin’s eldest daughter, may be the subject of an investigation. In the Netherlands, the lands of the Dutch businessman were seized.

Dutch prosecutors seized land from Jorrit Faassen, the former son-in-law of Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to The Guardian newspaper, everything happened on May 12 as part of a criminal investigation for financial, economic and environmental crimes.

The land, located in the town of Duivendrecht, near Amsterdam, was seized by the Dutch Prosecutor’s Office, responsible for application of sanctions tax to Russia.

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Although the reasons for the move are unknown, Heleen over de Linden, a lawyer and sanctions expert, was quoted in The Guardian as saying that the seizure of the land likely meant that Faassen was being subject of an investigation.

Recently, upon arriving in the Netherlands, the businessman and ex-husband of Maria Vorontsova, the eldest daughter of Vladimir Putin, was reportedly questioned at the Amsterdam-Schiphol airport on suspicion of “evading sanctions”. Faassen returned to Moscow, where he currently lives, after Dutch authorities confiscated his laptop and mobile phone.

The seizure comes two months after the US announced the launch of a new crackdown on countries and individuals involved in sanctions violations. At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Putin’s two daughters, Maria and Katerina, were added to the EU and US sanctions lists. However, Faassen is not included in either.

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Early in the war, protesters invaded Faassen’s property and scattered banners calling for the release of Alexei Navalny, the leader of the Russian opposition, throughout the compound. The protests were aimed at encouraging Vorontsova to talk to Putin to stop the invasion.

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Source: Observadora

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