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Portuguese government regrets death of police officer of Portuguese descent in France in traffic accident

Paul Medeiros, a policeman of Portuguese descent, died in a car accident in France. Paulo Cafôfo says that the Government accompanies the family, providing all the necessary support.

The Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities, Paulo Cafôfo, said this Saturday that the Portuguese State regrets the death of the policeman of Portuguese descent, Paul Medeiros, who died in a traffic accident along with two other colleagues, and who was accompanying his family.

“Regardless of the role of the person, the problem is the person himself. We are sorry and, obviously, we make the follow-up possible at a difficult time for the family,” Paulo Cafôfo told reporters.

The Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities has been in France since Friday, after having visited Bordeaux, and delivered to the Consulate General of Portugal in Paris dozens of tablets to students of Portuguese language classes in associations in the Paris region.

Last Sunday, three police officers died in a car accident in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, near Lille, in northern France, when they collided with a car going the wrong way and whose driver had high levels of alcohol and drugs in the blood. . .

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One of the police officers killed in this accident is Paul Medeiros, 25, whose family, according to the newspaper Lusojornal, is originally from Fafe. In France, the family lived in Cambrai, also in the north of the country, and Paul attended the Roubaix police school, having completed his training in 2021. Since he was a child, Paul Medeiros would have dreamed of being a policeman, according to his family in statements to the newspaper “Le Parisien”. According to this French newspaper, Paul Medeiros’s partner is pregnant.

“We are following these cases with full attention and support. Unfortunately, this is not the only case in France, throughout the world, we have also recently learned of our fellow citizens who died tragically in South Africa and, what we do is accompany the family, providing all the necessary support in these cases“, declared Paulo Cafôfo.

French President Emmanuel Macron was this week in Roubaix, where the three police officers were working, and posthumously presented them with the Knight’s Medal of the Legion of Honor, warning of “behavior that kills” on the roads. After this and other cases of police officers killed on the roads, France is now studying a tightening of penalties and fines in traffic accidents caused by alcohol and drugs.

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The driver, who ended up dying in the accident, was named Clement Oliveira. According to French media, this 24-year-old was driving under the influence of alcohol and cannabis. The Portuguese Agency has so far been unable to confirm if he is also of Portuguese descent.

Two other people, a 16-year-old girl who was in the police car, and a friend of the driver who was in the car in front, were seriously injured.

Source: Observadora

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