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California has become an “oasis” for women seeking an abortion in the United States of America

Planned Parenthood’s clinic in California “has seen a 900% increase in people from other states seeking abortion services.” The US state is seen as an oasis of abortion.

Congressman and leader of the Democratic “caucus” in the House of Representatives, Pete Aguilar, said Saturday that California has become an “oasis” for women who come from other states in search of an abortion.

“California is an oasis of reproductive freedom,” said the minister, at a press conference on the sidelines of the California Democratic Party convention, which takes place in Los Angeles.

Planned Parenthood’s clinic in the district Aguilar represents in San Bernardino has seen an explosive increase in demand from other states after the Supreme Court struck down the federal right to abortion in June of last year.

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The clinicsaw a 900% increase in the number of people from other states seeking abortion services,” revealed Pete Aguilar. “That is what will be at stake on the ballot.” The congressman called the 2024 election decisive in terms of health policy, as the Republican majority indicated its intention to pass a national ban on abortion if they regain control of the Senate and the White House next year.

“This is not a Republican Party [Partido Republicano] defending the rights of states. They want a nationwide ban,” Aguilar said.

“What DeSantis, Trump and other extremists want is to export a total ban on abortion,” said the congressman, referring to the two main candidates for the Republican nomination: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump.

“We need to make this clear to Californians. They may think their rights are protected, but with a national ban they won’t be.”

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The Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives in 2022, with Republican Kevin McCarthy now leading the lower house of Congress. Pete Aguilar told reporters that the party is concentrated in five California districts that he sees as possible to move from Republican to Democrat, including District 22, held by Portuguese-American David Valadão.

“The gavel of the House of Representatives passes through California,” he defended.

“The House has to be a barrier to protect democracy and make sure that states like California keep the rights that they have.”

With Joe Biden’s popularity declining, even in California, Aguilar was confident that the Democratic candidate would win the state and voters would go to the polls. “Especially if it’s against Donald Trump”. The congressman said Californians “don’t want extremists” and that there can’t be anyone more extremist than Trump on the ballot, focusing his attention on the former president and not on the Florida governor, who announced his candidacy this week.

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The California Democratic Party convention runs through Sunday, with 2,500 delegates and officials in attendance in Los Angeles.

Under the slogan “Don’t agonize, get organized,” the meeting serves as the launch of the Democrats’ strategy for the 2024 elections. The objective is to recover the House of Representatives and keep the Senate and the White House.. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke in main session and is honored at a closed-door dinner.

Source: Observadora

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