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Jill Biden, First Lady of the United States of America, visits Lisbon on June 5

During a six -day tour where he will participate in a royal wedding in Jordan, Jill Biden will visit Portugal on June 5 to open the celebrations of the art program in the embassies.

The first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, will visit Lisbon, on June 5, for the opening of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Art Embaixadas program, promoted by the United States embassy in Portugal.

Jill Biden arrives in Portugal as part of a six -day tour through Middle East, North Africa and Europe, to promote the empowerment of women and young people, according to information released by his office.

On the trip, the first lady will participate in a real wedding in Jordan (between Prince to Hussein Bin Abdullah and Rajwa Khald Alseif), in addition to visiting Egypt, Morocco and Portugal.

In Lisbon, Jill Biden will be at the opening ceremony of three -day celebrations to promote art and artists that are exhibited in the official residence of the United States ambassador to Portugal, Randi Charno Levine, and who will now be available of the public in a collection in the premises of the Catholic University, entitled “Celebrating diversity: democracy and representation in contemporary art.”

“The first lady believes that supporting the youth of the world is essential for our common future, with education, health and empowerment at the center of everything,” said Vanessa Valdivia, spokeswoman for Jill Biden, referring to the spirit of the trip.

In Egypt and Morocco, the first lady will meet with women and young people linked to educational projects with US investment.

In Portugal, Jill Biden opens the celebrations of the art program in the embassies, which includes an exhibition that will give visibility to American artists – and Diana Policarpo).

The initiative of the US embassy in Portugal also features debates on the role of art in diversity and democracies.

“The arts play an important role in diplomacy, highlighting our shared values ​​and challenges and creating a safe space for discussion and debate around some of the most pressing social problems of our time,” said Randi Charno Levine, in a release.

Source: Observadora

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