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Parliament authorizes the visit of the President of the Republic to London between June 14 and 16

Within the framework of the commemorations of the 650th anniversary of the Treaties of Tagilde and London, Marcelo will visit the English capital. The Head of State recalls that we are living “a new historical cycle.”

This Friday, Parliament unanimously approved the visit of the President of the Republic to London, on an official visit between June 14 and 16.

In the request for an assent opinion to the Assembly of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa explained that the visit is part of the commemorations of 650 years of the Treaties of Tagilde and London.

The Treaty of Alliance between Portugal and England, or Treaty of Tagilde, was signed on July 10, 1372, in the Church of São Salvador de Tagilde (Vizela), between King D. Fernando and representatives of the Duke of Lencastre (son of Edward III of England).

This Treaty of Tagilde, named after the nearby city of Guimarães, was the first of a series of agreements between the two countries, which was reinforced the following year with the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Alliance, signed in 1373 in London.

The Anglo-Portuguese alliance, the oldest between independent states, was renewed on other occasions, in particular with the Treaty of Windsor (1386), which led to the marriage of the King of Portugal, João I, with D. Filipa de Lencastre.

The President of the Republic was recently in London to attend the heart of King Carlos III, on May 6, in what he considered the beginning of “a new historical cycle”.

“It is a new historical cycle that is opening up,” he stressed, recalling that he had already been in the British capital in September “at a very sad moment” for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

In May, the head of state said he had taken advantage of the coronation for some bilateral and multilateral meetings with his counterparts, such as the Brazilian Lula da Silva and the Angolan João Lourenço.

Source: Observadora

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