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“Do we need territories with people who don’t want to live with us?” Kremlin propagandist suggests end to war in Ukraine

One of the Kremlin’s top propagandists says Russia should declare a ceasefire and stop the “bloodshed”, by accepting Indonesia’s peace plan, which calls for referendums.

She is a prominent Kremlin propagandist and editor-in-chief of the main Russian television channel, Russia Today (RT). In a television program broadcast in recent days, Margarita Simonyan unexpectedly called for the end of the war. And she left a question in the air: “Do we really need territories with people who don’t want to live with us?”

Quoted by the independent daily Meduza, Margarita Simonyan recalled that the Ukrainian Armed Forces “will receive long-range missiles and combat aircraft.” “They will inflict damage on our territories. Belgorod region, they go further. The Voronezh region is not far away, Rostov, Kradnodar”.

“What will be the red line for us?” questioned on the TV show. Margarita Simonyan also stressed that it will not be “easy” for Russia to respond to the Ukrainian offensives, supported by the West.

Recalling Indonesia’s “wonderful” plan, the Kremlin propagandist said it would be “unbelievable” if “the bloodshed stopped.” “Stay where everyone is, freeze and we will continue to hold referendums, as suggested by Indonesia. Referendums in all territories”.

“And then, if the people want it, the territory stays with us. It’s fair,” the propagandist continued, questioning: “Do we need territories with people who don’t want to live with us? I’m not sure about that. And for some reason it seems the president doesn’t need to either.”

The words of Margarita Simonyan, according to the independent newspaper Meduza, are already generating reactions and are being criticized on social networks by bloggers in favor of the conflict.

Source: Observadora

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