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Venezuela registered 7,156 complaints of child sexual abuse in 11 months

The complaints were filed after the “Pedophilia is a crime” program was activated in August 2022. The Venezuelan attorney general announced that 2,317 people have been charged.

The Venezuelan Public Ministry has registered 7,156 complaints of sexual abuse against children and adolescents since August 2022, when it activated the “Pedophilia is a crime” program, announced the Venezuelan Attorney General’s Office.

“Since the beginning of the program (…) there have been 7,165 cases of aggression against children and adolescents and, to date, 2,317 people have been charged,” Tarek William Saab said Wednesday at a press conference in Caracas.

According to the attorney general, “there will be no impunity for such repugnant actions,” a crime that has already led to the conviction of 1,355 people.

Saab also announced that the Public Ministry created “a mega-prosecutor’s office (…) with national jurisdiction, specialized in crimes that violate the sexual integrity of children and adolescents.”

The attorney general explained that the “Pedophilia is a crime” program has the purpose of “protecting children and adolescents from sexual predators who endanger their integrity and safety.”

Another objective is “to make the population aware of the need and importance of protecting children and adolescents from those who seek to trivialize or normalize this crime,” added Saab.

The complaints, said the attorney general, were possible within the framework of the “The Public Ministry goes to your community” program, during which 2,388 complaints were received, of various crimes, the most recurrent being “injuries, fraud, psychological violence, raids ”. [de propriedades]misappropriation and threats”.

“We instruct senior prosecutors to respond in a timely and exemplary manner to cases of harassment [sexual] school in the regions and we saw with great concern that the victims abandoned schools, colleges and high schools,” said Saab.

The attorney general explained that, since the beginning of the “The Public Ministry goes to your community” program, 566 cases of sexual harassment in schools have been registered, which led to the prosecution of 207 adolescents and the conviction of 27.

Source: Observadora

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