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The Portuguese NGO Helpo “becomes” the name of a tailor shop in Cabo Delgado

Gamito Mirengue named his tailor shop in honor of the NGO Helpo. Gamito’s mutual assistance story with Helpo began in 2021 when the organization ordered masks from him.

Gamito Mirengue is the oldest master tailor in the town of Impire, in the Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado, and he decided to name the tailor shop he installed next to the road in honor of the Portuguese NGO Helpo.

“I like it a lot [de trabalhar com a Helpo]. That’s why it has the name,” the 47-year-old teacher begins by explaining, proud of choosing the name of that Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that he displays, along with the original logo, on a plaque placed on the ceiling. from his position.

Present in Mozambique since 2009, with support projects in the provinces of Nampula and Cabo Delgado, Helpo’s relationship with Gamito began in 2021, when The Portuguese organization began to order hundreds of masks of protection in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Followed by School uniforms —mandatory in Mozambique schools— for students of Helpo support programs, in which the work was carried out by Maestro Gamito and the Portuguese NGO provided the fabrics.

“Until last year I had already made about 900 uniforms,” he adds in conversation with Lusa, remembering that he had up to Training in Nampula, in Helpo, to start producing reusable sanitary pads.in a project that that NGO is preparing.

“They even gave me this electric machine,” he says of the support from Helpo, which is also the name and logo of his small store, which he shares with another colleague and seven other children from Impire, a town hosts dozens of displaced families fleeing terrorist attacks of the last few years in Cabo Delgado, and that there they learn the art of Gamito.

Today He is the oldest master tailor in the towna trade that he began to learn with his elders in 1992, in the meantime he had “trained” eight others: “They are all teachers, they have their own machines, they all live here (…) Now I have seven children here.”

Gamito Mirengue has shared sewing machines since 2001, still using pedals, with Luís Taroé, five years younger.

The teacher teaches us how to make pants, blouses, shorts. I can feed the family,” he explains.

At the Helpo tailor shop, each pair of pants costs between 250 and 300 meticais (3.60 to 4.30 euros), but always subject to negotiation, Luís admits: “There are people who ask to lower prices, because here we are on the farm. [no campo]”.

The business provided by Helpo will be Allowing other children from the Empire village to be introduced to the same art.The “problem” is that there are few sewing machines for so many stakeholders who have to take turns learning.

They always help us, they bring fabrics to make uniforms. All the children like the Helpo project,” concludes Luís Taroé.

Source: Observadora

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