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Tajikistan: bus accident with 22 Portuguese kills two women. MNE takes care of the transfer

MNE revealed that two Portuguese women died in a traffic accident in Tajikistan in September, and that two others were hospitalized. The victims were part of a group of 22 national tourists.

The Portuguese embassy in Moscow continues the process of transferring to Portugal two women who died in a traffic accident in September in Tajikistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE) reported this Wednesday.

In a note, the MNE assures that the process of transporting two other tourists to Portugal who were hospitalized in that country, after the traffic accident occurred on September 19 in northern Tajikistan with a group of 22 Portuguese tourists.

The MNE affirms that the two hospitalized Portuguese citizens are stable and that “They will be transferred to Portugal as soon as their health status allows it” and states that it has maintained contact with the families of all the victims, “providing them with the necessary consular support.”

Accident of a bus carrying 20 Portuguese citizens in the north of Tajikistan (a Central Asian country that was part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – USSR until 1991), on the road between Ayni and Penjikent.

The news about the accident only became known this Wednesday.

Source: Observadora

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