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A tourist attraction in China goes viral for timing visitors in the bathrooms

A video of a visitor to the Yungang Caves, a UNESCO heritage site in China, went viral and sparked a debate in Chinese media for displaying timers in bathrooms. Control or help?

Toward Yungang Caves, ChinaThey are a tourist attraction classified by UNESCO as world Heritage. They are famous for their 51,000 statues, 252 caves and their ancient history (and, now, for the bathrooms.

A video of the bathrooms of this famous tourist destination has gone viral on social networks and Chinese media, writes CNN. The reason? Timers on individual cubicle doors.. Each time a stall is occupied, the light on the door changes from green to red and a timer begins counting the time each visitor spends in the bathroom.

The tourist who recorded the video and sent it to local newspaper Xiaoxiang Morning Herald said she felt heartbroken. On the one hand, she praised technological advances that allow there to be no lines. On the other hand, she says she feels embarrassed to be monitored while I was in the bathroom.

Those responsible for Yungang explained that the timers were already installed on May 1, but that the goal is not to control time that visitors spend in the bathroom, to the point that “it is impossible to expel someone halfway.”

The tourist attraction, which in 2023 broke its record with more than 3 million visitorsdevalues ​​the measure, stating that it is just a way to “guarantee the well-being of everyone in the event of an emergency.”

Source: Observadora

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