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Portugal extradited to Brazil arrested for drug possession

A Brazilian citizen who had been arrested for possession of various drugs intended for sale was extradited on Tuesday night. Brazilian authorities provided more information.

The Brazilian Federal Police confirmed the extradition of a Brazilian citizen who was arrested in Portugal and was considered a fugitive.

In a statement issued Tuesday night, the Brazilian police authority highlighted that the fugitive, accused of drug trafficking, was escorted on a commercial flight from Lisbon and disembarked at the Confins international airport, in Minas Gerais.

“The International Cooperation Center of the Federal Police in Minas Gerais published the Diffusion Network, including the name of the individual on the Interpol international capture list in August 2023, due to the arrest warrant issued by the Medina District Court ”, he reported. Brazilian authorities.

The individual had been arrested in possession of several drugs intended for sale.

Brazilian authorities did not say how he escaped to Portugal or the circumstances under which he was captured in the country, but highlighted that the “exchange of information between the Brazilian Federal Police and the Portuguese police allowed the fugitive to be located and arrested on Portuguese territory in February. of 2024”.

Source: Observadora

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