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Portugal among the signatories concerned about Hungarian policies on LGTBQI+

During Pride month, 25 embassies and nine cultural institutes, including the Portuguese embassy and the Camões institute, called for an end to discriminatory laws against the LGBTQI+ community in Hungary.

More than 40 embassies and cultural organizations in Hungary, including Portugal and the Camões institute, expressed this Thursday concern about the policies of Viktor Orbán’s ultranationalist government regarding the LGTBQI+ communitycalling for the elimination of discriminatory laws.

“We are seriously concerned by the recent implementation of legislation and political rhetoric, including in Hungary, which does not comply with the principles of non-discrimination, international human rights law and human dignity and contributes to the stigmatization of the LGBTQI+ community. [Lésbicas, Gays, Bissexuais e Transgéneros e simpatizantes]”, reads the statement issued within the framework of the 29th Budapest Pride Festival.

Signed by 35 diplomatic representations and nine cultural institutes, the position pointed out “clearly politically motivated” tendencies to attack the representation of LGBTQI+ people, their families and their organizations in books, cultural institutions and the media.

“We insist on the need for leaders and governments, here and elsewhere, show respect Is protect the rights of LGBTQI+ communities and individuals, and eliminate laws, practices and policies that discriminate against them“, argued the signatories.

The joint note refers to the controversial 2021 law, initially drafted “in defense of minors”, considered homophobic by its critics for associating homosexuality with pedophilia.

Referendum in Hungary. The solution to “protect children” from sexual content or a blank check to “discriminate”?

The legislation prohibits the presentation of homosexuality in surfaces and publications for minors, while, among other things, it forces bookstores to sell books that address homosexuality in sealed envelopes in the youth section.

In July 2022, the European Commission took Hungary to the Court of Justice of the European Union over this law, which also bans discussion of sexual orientation in schools and in media programs for minors.

Despite the official line of the Orbán government, acceptance of LGBTQI+ rights is high in Hungary, according to a survey from last April.

Source: Observadora

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