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Georgian parliament debates “family values” law that restricts LGTBI rights

The law wants to prohibit marriage between people of the same type and sex change operations, replicating legislation passed in Russia. The opposition did not participate in the debates

This Thursday, the Georgian parliament began the process of approving a bill that aims to restore “family values” and restrict the rights of the LGTBI community, a measure that could provoke new waves of protests in the country.

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The initiative, similar to a law recently approved by Russia, already has the support of four parliamentary committees (human rights, education, economy and health). but it will not be presented approval of the legal committee.

Georgia. The “Russian” law that compromises the country’s European path and brings it closer to Putin (and brought thousands, even in fear, to the streets)

TO opposition, however, did not participate in the debatesconsidering that it is not necessary to approve a law against what the Government considers “LGTBI propaganda”, an acronym for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender and Intersex.

Therefore, they insisted on the need to address the “real problems” of the Georgian population in terms of education and gender violence.

The bill proposed by the ruling Georgian Dream party includes bans on same-sex marriage, adoption by same-sex couples and sex change operations, among other issues.

Furthermore, it aims ban schools of providing information that could be interpreted as “propaganda in favor of incest and same-sex relationships.”

The Russian government has approved similar measures against what the Kremlin considers “propaganda against traditional values” in the country.

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Last year, the international LGTBI movement was declared “illegal” in Russia and members of the community are currently considered “extremists.”

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Georgia recently faced months of protests over the passage of the so-called “foreign agents law,” similar to Russian legislation that Moscow uses to attack government critics.

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According to critics, this law diverts the country from the path towards accession to the European Union (EU).

Source: Observadora

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