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The death toll in the great pilgrimage to Mecca exceeds a thousand

In Islam’s holiest city, Mecca (in Saudi Arabia), temperatures reached 51.8 degrees Celsius, killing at least 1,081 pilgrims from dozens of countries.

The number of deaths during the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca (Saudi Arabia), which took place under intense heat, exceeded a thousand, according to a count carried out by the France-Presse news agency (AFP) based on data provided by several countries.

Muslims complete pilgrimage ceremonies to Mecca today

An Arab diplomat told AFP on Thursday that another 58 pilgrims from Egypt had died, bringing to 658 the number of Egyptians who succumbed to extreme heat during the Hajj.

Death toll rises to 577 during largest Muslim pilgrimage

According to the diplomat, 630 of them did not have official authorization for the pilgrimage.

Total, 1,081 The deaths were reported by a dozen countries through official statements or by diplomats involved in the search for victims.

The Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and every Muslim who can afford it must perform it at least once in their life, at a time determined by the Muslim calendar, which is based on lunar cycles.

This year, the rituals were held once again under very high temperaturesreaching 51.8 degrees Celsius in the Great Mosque of Mecca, the holiest city in Islam.

Every year, tens of thousands of believers try to participate in the pilgrimage. without the necessary authorizationswhich are granted according to quotas and entail a series of costs.

In early June, Saudi Arabia announced that its security forces had expelled more than 300,000 unregistered pilgrims from Mecca.

However, it appears that a large number of illegal pilgrims participated in the rituals that began last Friday, under particularly difficult conditions.

“Some people were tired of being persecuted by security forces before the day of [o ritual no Monte] Arafat [sábado]. They were exhausted,” the Arab diplomat, who requested anonymity, told AFP.

According to him, heat was the main cause of death among Egyptian pilgrims, causing complications related to high blood pressure.

Source: Observadora

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