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Putin admits sending weapons to North Korea and warns Seoul

“We will have to make an appropriate decision, which will probably not please the South Korean leaders” if Seoul sends weapons to Ukraine, the Russian president warned.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin stated this Thursday that he “does not exclude” the possibility of sending weapons to North Korea, while insisting that Seoul’s supply of weapons to Ukraine would be a “very serious mistake.”

In response to the delivery of Western weapons to Ukraine and the authorization of some countries to kyiv to use them against military objectives on Russian territory, Putin had already threatened, at the beginning of the month, to send weapons to third countries.

Putin threatens to provide long-range weapons for attacks on Western targets and leaves warnings to Germany

“We reserve the right to supply weapons to other parts of the world, taking into account our agreements with North Korea, and I do not exclude that possibility,” Putin told reporters during his visit to Vietnam.

Putin also warned South Korea after Seoul announced it would “reconsider” its policy of banning arms supplies to Ukraine, in reaction to Wednesday’s signing of a defense deal between North Korea and Russia.

“We are thinking about reconsidering the issue of arms support for Ukraine”said this Thursday the director of the National Security Council (CSN) of South Korea, Chang Ho-jin, quoted by the Spanish agency Europa Press.

“Supplying lethal weapons to a war zone in Ukraine would be a very serious mistake. I hope that doesn’t happen. If this happens, we will have to make an appropriate decision, which probably will not please the South Korean leaders.“Putin said in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam.

The Russian president assured Seoul that “there is no reason to worry” about the agreement between Pyongyang and Moscow because it will only be applied “in the event of aggression against one of the signatories.”

Russia and North Korea sign “important documents” during Putin’s visit

“There is no reason to be afraid of our cooperation in this area,” the Russian leader added, also ensuring that Russia did not ask for North Korea’s direct military involvement in the Ukraine conflict.

“We didn’t ask anyone and no one suggested it to us”he stated.

Putin also criticized NATO’s expansion in Asia, since a “bloc system” was being created on that continent.

“NATO is establishing permanent residence in Asia. This is a threat to all countries in the region, including Russia. We are obliged to react and we will do so,” she guaranteed.

After a two-day trip to North Korea, Putin visits Vietnam, where a dozen cooperation agreements in energy, science and education have already been signed, in addition to a joint declaration to deepen the historical relationship between both countries.

Source: Observadora

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