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PS says that the European Commission has once again denied the Government and asks the minister for an “act of contrition”

António Mendonça Mendes demands an “act of contrition” from the Minister of Finance for criticizing the socialist strategy, considering that Brussels denied the government.

The PS considered this Thursday that Portugal’s departure from the group of countries with macroeconomic imbalances means that the European Commission has denied the Government, defending an “act of contrition” by the Minister of Finance for criticizing the socialist strategy.

The news that Portugal is leaving the list of countries with macroeconomic imbalances is good news for Portugal and confirms that the country has made great progress in terms of employment growth, wage growth, debt reduction, both for families as for companies, and also from the point of view of their budget management. It is confirmation that Portugal is more prepared,” said PS deputy António Mendonça Mendes in statements to Lusa.

For the former governor, this decision “is once again the European Commission’s denial to the Government.” Mendonça Mendes recalled Miranda Sarmento’s statements both as parliamentary leader of the PSD, when she defended that Portugal “was not carrying out a healthy budget consolidation”, and as Minister of Finance, when she stated “that the country was in a worse situation than that ”. that the previous Government wanted you to believe.”

“It is ironic that the statement made by the Minister of Finance praising the country’s trajectory in the last 10 years when he said exactly the opposite when he was parliamentary leader and even now at the beginning of his functions as Minister of Finance,” said the socialist.

According to Mendonça Mendes, The Minister of Finance did “a disservice to the country and was immediately denied by the European Commission” when he questioned “what the budget results and the country’s debt results were.”

“He is denied again and when he now appears praising this path, he has not made an act of contrition for what he himself said as parliamentary leader and also at the beginning as Minister of Finance,” he lamented.

The former Secretary of State also anticipated that, next week, Miranda Sarmento “has a good opportunity” to be in parliament, in a committee hearing at the request of the PS. “accepting that he was wrong as a parliamentary leader when he criticized the country’s budget consolidation strategy”.

“And now he says exactly the opposite of what he said without attributing the credit to whom it should be attributed: to the families, to the companies and also to the Government that he led at that time, which was the PS Government,” he noted.

The PS deputy also warned that “it is very important that the Portuguese are aware” that this trajectory of recent years is at risk taking into account “the measures announced by this Government.”

“The Bank of Portugal, in its spring report, was very clear: the measures announced by the Government are measures that put public accounts at risk next year. We have to be very attentive to the Government’s actions so that we cannot destroy in a short time what it took so long to achieve,” he defended.

The Bank of Portugal will not make profits or pay dividends before 2026, but “central banks are not used to generating dividends,” says Centeno

On Wednesday, the Minister of Finance welcomed the “very important news” that the European Commission has removed Portugal from the list of countries with macroeconomic imbalances, speaking of a “very important correction effort” carried out in the last 10 years .

“This is very important news for the country. In the last more than ten years, the country has made a very important effort to correct several structural imbalances,” reacted Joaquim Miranda Sarmento, in statements to the Lusa agency.

Source: Observadora

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