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Children’s hospital in kyiv: the day after the attack, Ukraine accuses Russia and Moscow blames kyiv… and Norway

Ukraine blames Russia for attack on country’s largest children’s hospital. Moscow says missile that killed dozens was supplied to Ukraine by Norway. UN calls for investigation.

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Ukraine says it has evidence that Russia is responsible for Monday’s attack on Ukraine’s largest children’s hospital in kyiv, which left dozens dead (between 38 and 41) and at least 190 wounded. Moscow says the missile that caused the attack was supplied to Zelensky by Norway. Tuesday marked a day of national mourning in Ukraine and as rescue operations continued, the two countries continued to trade accusations.

It all started on Monday when the Russian Defence Ministry refused to take responsibility. On Tuesday, statements came from the Kremlin. Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, in his daily conversation with journalists, blamed the Ukrainian anti-missile defence for the destruction caused at the Okhmatdyt hospital, Reuters reported. “I ask you to be guided by the statements of the Russian Defence Ministry, which absolutely excludes the possibility of attacks on civilian targets and claims that we are talking about a falling anti-missile system,” Peskov replied to the journalists’ insistence.

Ukraine says it has “unequivocal” evidence that a Russian missile hit a children’s hospital in kyiv

If the Kremlin reacted on behalf of Russia, on behalf of kyiv it was the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) which claimed to have discovered new evidence confirming that Russia attacked the Okhmatdyt children’s hospital with an X-101 cruise missile.

In a post on the social network X, the SBU says that several fragments of the projectile were discovered and that they correspond to the X-101 cruise missile, one of the most famous in the Russian arsenal.

The SBU team of investigators says that the evidence collected is “unequivocal” and points to a direct attack carried out by Russian forces against the hospital unit. “This is evidenced not only by the missile debris found at the impact site, but also by the analysis of flight trajectory data, the nature of the damage caused, as well as a large amount of video and photo material,” the SBU said in a statement.

The Ukrainian security agency explains that the missile’s flight path is “fully consistent with the characteristics of the X-101,” as this missile rises and then “glides” before striking the target, at an angle of about 60 degrees. On the other hand, the SBU stresses, the nature of the destruction (with the two-story hospital building completely destroyed and surrounding buildings severely damaged) is typical of an X-101 warhead, which can carry an explosive weighing 400 kilograms.

Russia accuses Norwegian missile that hit hospital

Moscow’s response came with the involvement of a third country. First, the Russian Foreign Ministry claimed that the missile that hit the children’s hospital belonged to a Western NASAMS model. Later, when the Russian ambassador to the United Nations repeated the information, it was said that the projectile had been delivered to kyiv by Norway.

“We are waiting for a reaction from the Norwegian government, which apparently provided Zelensky with this NASAMS system. Did they authorize its use against a children’s hospital and also its placement in residential areas, in violation of international humanitarian law?” Vasili Nebenzya charged during the UN Security Council meeting, in a statement cited by the state agency TASS.

The SBU guarantees that the destruction could not have been caused in any way by the NASAMS system. [de defesa anti-aérea]whose warheads are about 20 times less powerful.

The UN said it was highly likely that the hospital was directly hit.

The head of the UN human rights mission in Ukraine says it is “highly likely that the Kiev children’s hospital was directly hit, rather than damaged, by a weapons interception system.”

Moscow denied attacking the hospital, blaming the destruction on a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile, but Danielle Bell, stressing that an investigation into the incident was necessary, based her statement on “analysis of video footage and assessments carried out at the scene of the incident.”

“At the time of the attack, there were 670 sick children, most of them hospitalized, in the hospital, along with more than a thousand medical professionals,” said the head of the Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine (HRMMU) at a press conference.

Zelensky announced support package for children’s hospital

The Ukrainian government has approved a package of 100 million hryvnias (more than 2 million euros) for the reconstruction of the children’s hospital that was partially destroyed by the attack. The announcement was made by Zelensky, who promised another 300 million (more than 6 million euros), which will be delivered in the near future. According to Reuters, large Ukrainian companies have also begun to announce donations to rebuild the hospital.

While a concrete response to the incident is being sought, the international community continues to react and Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa joined several voices that condemned the attack. In a note published on the website of the Presidency of the Republic, he condemned the attacks, which he considered “shocking”. “The President of the Republic, in line with the Government, strongly condemns the Russian attacks against kyiv and other regions of Ukraine, which hit, among other civilian targets, the largest pediatric hospital in Ukraine, causing dozens of deaths and countless injuries,” the head of state stressed.

Source: Observadora

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