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Former producer Harvey Weinstein is expected to face new charges in a new trial

Following the 2020 conviction being overturned in April of this year, prosecutors are revealing that other victims are now ready to file formal charges.

Manhattan prosecutors on Tuesday said they were “actively investigating” additional sexual assault allegations against former film producer Harvey Weinstein, who is involved in one of the most high-profile #MeToo cases, ahead of a new trial that is expected to begin in November.

Nicole Blumberg, an assistant district attorney, told the Manhattan court that new allegations of rape and sexual assault against Weinstein were being identified, which had occurred within the extra-statutory period of the process, The New York Times reveals. “In 2020, there were women who were not prepared to come forward,” she said. “Some of these women are now prepared to proceed,” she added.

Harvey Weinstein receives a 16-year prison sentence in Los Angeles. Former Hollywood producer already serves 23 years

This will not be the first or second trial involving Weinstein on allegations of sexual misconduct. Accused of sexual misconduct by more than 100 women, he was found guilty of assaulting two of them. In February 2023, he was sentenced to 16 years in prison, to run alongside his previous 23-year sentence, accused of raping a woman in Los Angeles.

Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison

The 2020 conviction was overturned in April after the New York appeals court ruled that the judge presiding over the case had erred in allowing prosecutors to call as witnesses a series of women who said the former Hollywood music producer attacked them.

Court overturns conviction of producer Harvey Weinstein

The former producer’s lawyer, Arthur Aidala, accuses prosecutors of delaying measures and wants the trial to proceed as quickly as possible, citing Weinstein’s poor health. “He is in terrible pain,” Aidala said, adding that Weinstein suffers from macular degeneration, “fluid in his lungs” and diabetes that is “rampant” due to poor nutrition behind bars. His client will not receive proper treatment, he added.

Harvey Weinstein is currently being held at Rikers Island prison complex in New York City awaiting retrial.

Harvey Weinstein, from Hollywood colossus to rapist

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