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Montenegro meets Joe Biden before dinner with NATO leaders at the White House

On the second day of the NATO Summit, Luís Montenegro and the other heads of state have dinner at the White House. Before that, there is a bilateral meeting with Biden, without any statements.

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The Portuguese prime minister will dine at the White House on Wednesday with the other NATO leaders, at the invitation of the President of the United States, host of the 75th NATO Summit. Beforehand, Luís Montenegro and Joe Biden will hold a bilateral meeting.

Montenegro arrived at the US President’s residence in Washington on Wednesday evening, around 7:00 p.m. local time (midnight in mainland Portugal). Despite the meeting with Biden, The leaders are not expected to comment on the meeting..

At the same time that the heads of state dine at the White House, Antony Blinken to host US foreign ministers at Library of Congress: Paulo Rangel will represent Portugal at this dinner. The defense ministers will meet for a third dinner at Fort McNair, one of the oldest bases of the American army. The Portuguese representative at this dinner will be Nuno Melo.

During the first day of the Summit, Luís Montenegro announced that Portugal will meet NATO’s investment targets of 2% of GDP by 2029. He also shared the sending of a new aid package to Ukraine, worth 95 million, bringing the total aid to almost 221 million.

Montenegro: Portugal will advance a commitment of 2% of GDP for Defense by one year

Before returning to Lisbon, The Prime Minister will speak to reporters again on Thursday.following the conclusion of the 75th Summit of the Atlantic Alliance.

Source: Observadora

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