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Vila Nova de Poiares invests 700 thousand euros in the digitalization of local commerce

The Vila Nova de Poiares City Council will invest around 700 thousand euros in the urban center, after having approved the request for the “Digital Commercial Neighborhoods” program, within the scope of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR).

The candidacy of that municipality in the interior of the district of Coimbra includes an investment in the central urban core of the town, covering 14 streets and a total area of ​​20,581 square meters, characterized by a high commercial density, with 63 establishments with their doors open. to the public, the autarchy highlighted, in a statement sent to the Lusa agency.

According to the IAPMEI platform – Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation dedicated to this program, the investment of that authority will be around 700 thousand euros.

According to the same note, The municipality of Vila Nova de Poiares obtained the 5th best classification of the 96 admitted applicationsof a total of 160 submitted to the competition.

The initiative aims promote technological adoption by economic operators and the digitalization of their business modelsraising awareness among workers and entrepreneurs about the challenges of the digital age.

For the mayor of Vila Nova de Poiares, João Miguel Henriques, mentioned in the press release, The investment positions the municipality as an example of modernization and adaptation to the challenges of the digital economyespecially because it is a project that promises to create opportunities for economic growth, improve the consumer experience and strengthen the identity and competitiveness of local companies.

The project demonstrates the commitment of the municipality and its entrepreneurs to digital transformation, considered the mayor.

Source: Observadora

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