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Report: Abigail Disney’s heir privately praises jihadist documentary, then attends public rally to condemn and blacklist her

Far-left, self-proclaimed social justice activist Abigail Disney has withdrawn, among other things, a documentary exposing the terror led by a woman she openly supports after being defamed by Muslim critics, forcing the Sundance Film Festival to withdraw its invitation.

According to a long report Newspaper “New York TimesThe Sundance Film Festival invited director Meg Smeiker to the premiere of her documentary. Rehabilitation of JihadIt withdrew its invitation to the festival, which focused on a Saudi Arabian rehabilitation center for those accused of terrorism, but after Muslim critics attacked the film for spreading “Islamophobia.” Although the main critics Variation inside keeper Praised the film for its tact and willingness to find humanity in men, who may or may not be involved in terrorism, Sundance eventually withdrew from showing the film at a point where Muslim critics began swearing. According to the Times:

Arab and Muslim filmmakers and their white supporters, Mrs. The Smeiker of Islamophobia and American propaganda. Some have suggested that her race was a disqualifying white woman who dared to tell the story of Arab men.

Ms.’s movie Smeiker has become almost untouchable, out of reach of the audience. Popular festivals have withdrawn invitations, critics of the documentary world have taken to social media, forcing investors, consultants and even friends to withdraw their names from the loans. He was about to disappear.

Fighting for money and recognition like others in the film industry, many Arab and Muslim filmmakers denounced the “Rehabilitation Jihad” as too familiar. Woman. Smeiker is said to be the last white documentary filmmaker to tell the story of Muslims through the lens of the war on terror. These documentaries, they say, look with white Western eyes and claim to film victims with compassion.

Arab filmmaker Assia Bundawi mocked the film in an article for Documentary magazine, urging festivals to allow Muslims to make “films about life, not war.”

“It makes me sick to see my language and the homeland of people in my community as a backdrop for white liberators,” he wrote. “All talk is empathy, but energy is Indiana Jones.”

Abigail Disney, Walt Disney’s niece and ultra-left activist who regularly criticizes the family business for its treatment of workers, initially supported the film as an executive, but later denounced the film when backlash broke out. In an open letter in February of this year, Disney publicly apologized to the Muslim community and acknowledged the “harm” this had caused.

“Whether you are gatekeepers, sponsors, curators, heads of institutions, representatives, buyers, critics or other filmmakers, I urge my colleagues to rethink how we act when we are criticized for our failures and shortcomings.” He wrote. . “If we are fighting for a better, more humane public space, we must accept that we are all on the same side. This is not a war and an apology is not a failure.”
“If we choose cultural power, we must be humble and willing to learn when we use it—whether intentionally or not—to harm those we claim to care about.” added.

After Sundance withdrew the invitation, South by Southwest and other film festivals followed suit. According to Smeiker, in order to survive, he completely filled his credit cards and even borrowed money from his parents. His only salvation: New Zealand’s Doc Edge Festival gave him a show.

“I don’t have the money or influence to fight this,” he told reporters. Sometimes. “I’m not sure I see a way out.

Source: Breitbart

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