Several matches took place yesterday in the framework of the European Nations Cup, during which important arbitration cases took place, which we will focus on in this report.

Belgium – Wales 2:1 (Turkish international referee Ali Balapek):


In the 79th minute, the referee awarded a penalty in favor of Belgium after a collision between the Belgian De Bruyne and Joe Morella in the Wales penalty area.

Case explanation:

The referee’s decision was incorrect as Morel clearly played the ball and shot straight, and then there was less friction than usual, but the referee was not positioned properly and his field of vision was not correct, which contributed to the wrong decision.

Here, the video equipment referee did not hesitate to ask the referee to approach the small screen and look at the situation again, and he did not hesitate to cancel his decision and cancel the undeserved penalty for Belgium.

Slovakia – Azerbaijan 1:2 (Scottish international referee William Collum):


At 90+1 minutes, the referee appointed a penalty in favor of the Slovakian national team after friction inside the penalty area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzerbaijan between the defender Isaev and the forward of the Slovakian national team Hansko.

Case explanation:

The decision of the referee is correct. Isaev did not play the ball and made a clear obstacle to the attacker and never hit the ball. On the contrary, he hit the attacker directly in the leg. The referee was in a good position with a clear viewing angle. He read the situations correctly from the very beginning and accepted a bold decision in calculated time instead of wasted time, and this is his merit. The video equipment judge here confirmed to the judge the correctness of the decision after review with confidence.