As part of Group B’s activities in the first tier of the European Nations League, Spain reached the semi-finals of the tournament by beating Portugal 1–0, who dropped to second place in the group behind Spain’s Matador.

The first half was strong on both sides, as the Matador team managed to gain control of the ball thanks in large part to a tight defensive block from the Portuguese players, and despite possession by coach Luis Enrique’s sons, their danger was very high. capped in light of the good organization of the defense of the sons of coach Fernando Santos, and the goalkeeper saved the Spaniard Unai Simon made a dangerous attempt by Ruben Neves to deprive him of a real goal, and the Spanish goalkeeper Simon continued his brilliance by blocking another dangerous attempt from Diogo Jota before the Portugal star Bruno Fernandes missed a powerful shot that went over the post.

In the second half, manager Luis Enrique made drastic changes in his squad, trying to impose his attacking rhythm more, and the Matador players retained excellent control of the ball, but without any significant attacking activity, and goalkeeper Unai Simon faced a dangerous attempt by Cristiano Ronaldo deprive him of a guaranteed goal, and then the match abruptly died down. In the last minute, the defense of Spain saved. Diogo Costa made a dangerous attempt by Alvaro Morata to deprive him of a real goal. The Spanish players continued to put pressure on the opponent’s goal. Spain with a score of 1:0.

In the same group, the Swiss national team managed to snatch the third place in the group, beating the last line of the standings, the Czech team with a score of 2:1, which moved to the second level.

In the second tier and in the first group, Scotland consolidated their lead in the group despite a 0-0 draw with their Ukrainian counterpart, with Scotland advancing to the first tier and Ireland achieving a 3-2 win over Armenia. put the latter on the second level and transfer to the third level.

In Group D, Serbia stormed out to top of the group with a valuable 2-0 victory over their direct rival, Norway, which qualified them for promotion to the first tier, while Sweden called for the second tier to drop to the third tier, with a draw 1:1 against Slovenia.

In the third tier and in the second group, Greece strengthened their lead by beating Northern Ireland 3-1 to take them to the fourth tier, while Greece advanced to the second tier and Kosovo beat Cyprus 5. -1 .