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Bentley Continental GT swaps the W12 for a V8 PHEV. And gain power and torque

Bentley needs to increase the power of its models, but it is equally essential to reduce consumption and emissions, since the standards imposed by the European Union are valid for all manufacturers, from those that produce the simplest and most accessible vehicles to those that manufacture . the most luxurious and powerful, like this renowned British manufacturer controlled by the German Volkswagen group. Therefore, it is not surprising that Bentley decided to replace the imposing naturally aspirated W12, with 12 cylinders and 6 liters of displacement, with the new 4.0 V8 biturbo plug-in hybrid (PHEV), capable of increasing power and reducing consumption and emissions. .

The next generation of the Continental GT, Bentley’s two-door, four-seat coupe, will debut a new version of the 4.0 biturbo V8 that the brand already uses and which appears, for the first time, electrified. To maximize power and economy, the English manufacturer opted for PHEV mechanics, which Bentley calls Ultra performance hybrid.

The manufacturer has not yet provided all the information about the new PHEV biturbo V8 engine, but has shared that The power will be 782 HP, a figure well above the 660 HP provided by the naturally aspirated 6.0 W12.. It is true that the melody of the 12 cylinders has been lost, making it more atmospheric, but the biturbo V8 is already one of the noblest combustion engines on the market. And, more than the noise – lower in the new model due to the presence of two turbochargers in the exhaust system -, The V8 PHEV provides an additional 122 hp, and the gain in terms of torque (the force provided by the engine) should be even more significant..

In addition to these arguments, important for the excitement that the new Bentley will bring, the Continental GT will have a generous battery, whose capacity the brand has not revealed, but which will be enough to guarantee an autonomy of at least 80 km between visits to the charging station. This value will be enough for many users to drive their Bentley, on the vast majority of days, in exclusively electric mode, without consuming gasoline and without emitting harmful emissions.

From June, Bentley will begin deliveries of the new Continental GT PHEV, whose price has not yet been announced. Bentley’s first coupe with a plug-in hybrid engine will be capable of reaching a respectable top speed. 338 kilometers per hour and, in terms of acceleration ability, it also promises to impress, as the 100 km/h will be behind you after about 3 seconds.. This is a reduction of 0.5 seconds which, at this level, is equivalent to a gain of almost 15%, only possible thanks to the greater power available.

Source: Observadora

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