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Six trams circulated until they stop. Which is better?

With lengths of 4.6 to 5 meters and powers between 245 and 498 hp, six electric Berlin greater deviation regarding the announced autonomy. The comparison was made by the Carwow British and the video they published reveals the details of the trip.

The connection between the English and Scottish capitals was carried out circulating at normal speed, both on the highway and by national roads, at a rhythm similar to that adopted by most drivers. And, to bring reality closer to reality for consumption and autonomy, this trip to the north of the United Kingdom also had to face rain and fog.

Interestingly, all Berlin Powerful model, with 498 hp, ahead of the Porsche Taycan Performance Plus (435 hp), BMW I5 EDRive40 (340 hp), ByD Seal Design (313 hp), Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor (299 hp), being the Mercedes Eqe 300 (245 hp) the least powerful of the lot and, at the same time, the heaviest (2385 kg), behind the Taycan (2245 kg), i5 (2205 kg), polestar 2 (2084 kg) and SEAL (2055 kg ). ). Despite having two engines, Model 3 is the lightest model (1,903 kg) in this comparison.

The Berlina that proved to be more efficient, that is, the one that consumed less energy to travel the same distance, was the model 3 of Tesla, which recorded a consumption of only 13,224 kWh/100 km, surpassing the polestar (14,799 kWh/100 km ). ) and the Mercedes (15,537 kWh/100 km). The remaining three models exceeded the threshold of the 16 kWh/100 km, being the Taycan and the Seal that recorded a consumption of 16,355 kWh/100 km and the BMW the most “greedy”, with 16,798 kWh/100 km. And although the difference may seem small for those who do not use this type of vehicles, it should be taken into account that the Porsche, with its battery of about 100 kWh capacity, would be able to travel 756 km, that is, 161 km. more than the current ones, which would undoubtedly please customers who would have to make fewer stops to recharge the battery.

The three highest autonomies reached during this comparison were all over 560 km, being the Taycan that registered the greatest autonomy, with 592 km, before having to stop to the side of the road with the exhausted battery. The EQE toured 574 km until it was “dry” and Model 3 reached 566 km. Porsche’s victory was achieved by touring an additional 4.4% of the distance, but for this an additional battery capacity was required. To this trio of models with the greatest autonomy the remaining three Berlinas appeared, with the polestar touring 534 km, far ahead of the Byd, which reached 499 km, and the BMW, which did not exceed 476 km.

Source: Observadora

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