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A trick to know who visited a TikTok profile

The application has a tool that allows us to see who has logged into our profile.

Considering the growth of users and the presence of stalkers or unwanted contacts, TikTok Some time ago it added an option to see who is visiting your personal profile. This tool is called “Profile Visit History” and it allows you to review which accounts you’ve logged into in the last 30 days.

This option opens a complete list with the names of the profiles that have been accessed, which can also be useful for content creators who want to know their audience.

The key element of this feature is that if verification is enabled for users who have logged in elsewhere, they will also be able to see our activity. Something very similar to what happens with the read symbol in WhatsApp chats or the visualization of stories.

The application has a tool that allows us to see who has logged into our profile.
The application has a tool that allows us to see who has logged into our profile.

How to see who visits TikTok profile

The application ordered the management of users’ messages some time ago, because before that a full list of messages, likes and received users was displayed. Now it is divided by filters and viewing history has been added in the middle.

To verify the information, the following steps should be performed:

– Open TikTok.

– Enter the user profile.

– Select the “Privacy” option.

– Select the “Profile Views” tool.

– Activate the “Profile view history” tool.

Next, it displays a list of all the accounts that have logged into the profile in the last 30 days that also have this feature enabled, so it’s not an actual group of all logins.

This tool updates every 24 hours and in some cases may issue alerts when activity is detected.

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The application has a tool that allows us to see who has logged into our profile.
The application has a tool that allows us to see who has logged into our profile.

Other TikTok privacy options

This is not the only tool that the Chinese app offers users with privacy features, as it is also possible to limit the type of people who can see the posted videos, hide the account, decide who can interact and more.

– Limit viewers: Every user has the option to choose whether to make it public, private or friends only when posting a video.

– hide account: For this, it will be necessary to go to the privacy option and deactivate the option “Let others find me”, this way the application will stop recommending the profile to other users who are not followers.

– Private account: In the settings, there is also an option to put the profile in private mode, which will allow only friends to see the videos or those who get access.

– Interaction limitations: In the privacy settings, there are several options to choose who can comment, react to videos, make duets, send messages and see liked videos.

What is TikTok now?

According to the social network’s official website, this new feature of the platform serves to create “authentic and spontaneous connections” in which content creators will be able to show what they are doing at any time of the day, a similar feature. Post messages you have Be real.

Tik tok now Invites users and their friends to capture what they’re doing at the moment using Front and rear camera your device. They’ll receive a daily prompt to take a 10-second video or photo to quickly and easily share what they’re doing at that exact moment.

TikTok content creators will have an opportunity Select Who you want to include as part of the audience Of your posts in Now, though, by default, “Friends can see” is the active option application.

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