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Putin fires another general after Vuledar’s military failure. “He Was a Crazy Idiot”

The defeat at Vuledar was one of the worst since the beginning of the invasion which resulted in the destruction of hundreds of military vehicles. Military sources describe the general as “a crazy idiot”.

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There is another Russian general who falls victim to Vladimir Putin’s wrath. Rustam Muradov, one of the main military commandos in the war in Ukraine, was fired by the Russian president, allegedly due to a series of military setbacks, notably the military failure of the Battle of Vuledar.

The news was confirmed by the Russian press, citing sources from the Defense Ministry. Kremlin troops carried out a strategic offensive in the mining town, located about 100 kilometers from Bakhmut, but the strategy did not go as expected and resulted in the destruction of several Russian military vehicles. In one particularly notorious incident, dozens of tanks were destroyed after being forced to advance single file due to a lack of mine protection equipment.

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Muradov will be blamed, the sources say, for the failure, one of Russia’s major military defeats since the start of the invasion in February 2022.

“Muradov had the Russian army repeatedly attack in small mechanized units on minefields, in open terrain. And nothing achieved in Vuledar“Military analyst Michael Kofman told the Moscow Times.

Influential Russian propaganda figures on social media, and even soldiers who report to the general, have openly criticized his leadership and his lack of regard for the lives of soldiers. On Telegram, the Gray Zone group, affiliated with the Wagner group mercenaries, wrote when Muradov was fired that his soldiers treated him like a “faggot.”

“Muradov was fired because he was a crazy idiot who would order his soldiers to march to certain death. A lot of people complained about that.”a source from Russia’s Eastern Military District told the Moscow Times.

The Kremlin considered the capture of Vuledar an important military objective, as it would give Russian forces access and a launching pad for a broader military offensive in the Donbass region, while avoiding the city of Avdiivka, one of the most fortified by the Ukrainians. cash. With the defeat, Russia has continued to experience difficulties on the ground, without making significant progress.

Muradov’s resignation also comes at a time when information has emerged suggesting that the Kremlin may be preparing to significantly revamp its military command.

Putin fires another general after Vuledar’s military failure

Source: Observadora

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