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Who was Johnny Kitagawa, the millionaire “God” of Japanese pop and alleged sexual predator

The founder of the “Johnny & Associates” agency allegedly contacted recruits in an unsupervised manner by third parties, which may have facilitated the alleged sexual acts.

Behind the waves of musical talent that the “Johnny & Associates” agency presents to the world was, for decades, founder Johnny Kitagawa. During the last years of his life, the businessman, also known as the “God of Pop” in Japanese culture, struggled allegations of sexual abuse that may have involved some of the young people involved.

Although revered in Japan, even after his death in 2019, the figure of Kitagawa remains a mystery. The existence of few photographs of the former leader of the agency, according to a BBC investigation, suggests that he was a man who quietly operated throughout a career spanning more than six decades.

To the recruits who showed up at the agency. which exclusively welcomes men—known as “juniors”— the businessman contacted so that was not supervised by third parties, something that could have facilitated the alleged acts of sexual crime. The fame, together with the millions he earned thanks to the success of pop bands not only in the country, but throughout the world, He ended up suppressing any accusations that were arising..

Despite never admitting to the allegations, some of which began in the 2000s, they were recently confirmed by Julie Fujishima, Kitagawa’s niece. after assuming the presidency of the company for a week.

Following the confirmation, some companies in the country have been reluctant to interact with the agency, reports The Japan Times. One of the possible consequences could be a decrease in sponsorships involving music stars.

Source: Observadora

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